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Dangerous Head Injuries

Dangerous Head Injuries

Dangerous Head Injuries

While most of these injuries are simple bumps, bruises and cuts, a good number of them turn out to be traumatic.Because the head houses arguably the most vital organ of the body - the brain - serious damage done to it could be life-threatening.

Head injuries can be either closed or open.Closed injuries involve damage done to the head or the brain, but the skull remains intact and does not break.Open injuries, on the other hand, involve the breaking of the skull upon impact and the penetration of the brain.

The Main Types of Dangerous Head Injuries

There are three main types of dangerous head injuries: skull fractures, intracranial bleeding, and closed head injuries.Each of these may be minor or life-threatening, depending on how much jeopardy the brain is put into.

Linear skull fractures are common and not serious; depressed skull fractures are typically not dangerous, but may warrant surgical treatment; basilar skull fractures can be life threatening, especially if fluid or air leaks into the skull and causes an infection

Internal bleeding may put the brain in serious jeopardy, depending on where the injury occurs.Major bleeds that threaten the brain itself, as opposed to the skin or skull around it, will necessitate surgery and can be life-threatening.

These injuries encompass all skull injuries that are not characterized by penetration to the head.Concussions, memory loss and brain damage may result from closed injuries.

If someone you love suffered a head injury and experiences loss of consciousness, changes in psyche, loss of senses, nausea and vomiting, or difficulty speaking, then you should seek immediate medical attention.
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Dangerous Head Injuries