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Dance Lesson Do's And Don'ts

Dance Lesson Do's And Don'ts

So you have decided that you want to do something different for yourself and take some dance lessons

. Well, congratulations! You have decided to do something that may not only help your physical well being, but also your emotional well being. However, it could be normal that after making this kind of a decision you may not know what your next step is. There are a few easy do's and don'ts that will get you fully prepared to learn the art of dance.

Do think about what type of dance that you want to learn. If you cannot stand hip hop music then a hip hop class is not going to be a great choice for you, whereas a salsa class might be a really great choice if you love the Latin energy and rhythms. Take the time to figure out what type of dancing you are excited try out and learn about and then go for it.

Do your research about your potential dance lessons. There are many different places that offer dance lessons. If you are looking for a fitness based dance class then you might want to check your local gym. If you want a more traditional dance class that is rooted in technique then you might want to look into some of the classes offered at your local dance studios.

Do get the right footwear. Different dance styles require different types of shoes. Be sure that once you decide what type of dance you want to study you take the time to get the right pair of shoes. If you are going to be taking ballroom dance classes then ladies might need a pair of heels and men may need a strong pair of character shoes. Whereas the study of ballet could require the use of ballet slippers, hip hop would require a good pair of dance sneakers and obviously tap dancing requires tap shoes. Dance Lesson Do's And Don'ts

Don't choose extremely baggy clothes to wear to your dance lesson. Much of dancing is based on body position and the lines that you are creating with your body. In order to see if you are doing things properly your dance teacher will need to see how your body is moving and the pictures that you can create with it. If you are wearing a baggy pair of sweats you could prevent your instructor from being able to see this.

Don't be embarrassed to start at the beginning. If you are new to dancing do not feel like you cannot sign up for a beginning class. There is nothing wrong with starting with the basics, and if you have never done it before a beginners class is perfect for you.

Don't forget to have fun. Many people choose to learn about dancing, and the main reason that they do it is because it is quite simply fun. Do not allow yourself to get bogged down with all of the new information. Instead, take it all as a new and fun challenge. If you do that, you can be sure that you will be whirling around the dance floor with a smile on your face, and after all, wasn't that the point of taking lessons in the first place?

by: Svetlana Marintcheva
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