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Dadida Why Kids Do Ad Contrarian Investment Frenzy - Dadida, Children's Clothing - Clothing

Dadida Why Kids Do Ad Contrarian Investment Frenzy - Dadida, Children's Clothing - Clothing

Economic crisis, and money was tight, advertising spending generally has to confront

the danger of being cut off, but Green, Group Chairman Zhao river view, when people were scared off when the situation in the global downturn, Green is to be brave shot selection. In order to enhance the brand image and increase dealer confidence, in 2009, starting from the Lunar New Year's, Green's Kids Brand "Dadida" CCTV Children Channel beginning in the expected year, costing tens of millions of advertising, but this is only Green in 2009 as part of integrated marketing communication plan only.

Present, children's wear market, from China brand marketing position, 50% market share to foreign brands account for children's clothing, 70% of the domestic non-brand children's clothing business in the state, while the national children's clothing brands mostly remain in the current business cartoon image of a simple endorsement of the marketing communication stage to do, but to do brand advertising and even fewer children's clothing business. As early as the end of 2006, Green Group made "to reduce dependence on foreign trade, increase efforts to expand the domestic market" strategic transformation plan. At present, the Green's domestic and foreign sales ratio has been 3:7 to 4:6 from the original, and is expected to achieve balanced state by 2010. Green "Dadida" RUAN Shi Tao, director of brand marketing center told "advertisers" magazine interview, said: "children's clothing industry reshuffle is inevitable. We look forward to expanding this contrarian seize market opportunities, brand awareness and to reputation further increased to be the first in the industry, more stand out, lay leader's position. "

It is understood that under the guidance of the overall strategic objectives, in particular the media mix, "Dadida" CCTV is taken as the core, newspapers, magazines, radio, network, the coordination of the fifth media integration spread. To meet the word of mouth in the purchase of the importance of children's clothing, Dadida brand in 2009 in the marketing communication with consumers will be more interactive activities, such as "DADIDA Cup Talent Competition", "VIP camp" and so on. In addition, Green will also Dadida network of flagship brand building.

2008 7 months to reach Green and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Cooperation Agreement, the latter responsible for "Dadida" brand of media dissemination. Currently, Green put on CCTV children's channel clatter ticking brand advertising, to "love, start here" as its theme, people around the product purchase decisions parents and children together to watch the "wisdom tree", "happy experience", "sesame open the door, "" Great Windmill "," jigsaw puzzle "and other columns for as many as 67 times a day spread. "Love, start here. Grow in love, take a brand can influence a child growing up the road, this is Dadida dreams of the future", RUAN Shi Tao said. And high-profile advertising consistent, in March 26, 2009 in Beijing, the China International Apparel Expo On Dadida Green previous exhibition booth is the largest, is the single brand for all Kids Museum in one of the biggest booth, then, the brand launched Dadida spread of three-dimensional scene will bring visitors "fairy tale" visual, tactile impact.Dadida Why Kids Do Ad Contrarian Investment Frenzy - Dadida, Children's Clothing - Clothing

Although Dadida current ads "generosity", but in the fast-shrinking profit margins of market trends, the low-cost brand communication strategy is clearly to promote the development of a pragmatic move. It is understood that advertising during the same time, Dadida also attaches great importance with the Government, to establish good relations with media and participate in, carry out, "there is love, there is the future", "natural disasters, relentless, despair and love ticking" charitable donations public relations activities, with its network of mobile phones and other new media to planning a series of marketing events. In addition, Dadida Purchasing Guide by enhancing the quality of service, the terminal stores the image in order to promote a comprehensive brand building initiatives are also underway.

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