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Curing Cancer With Healthy Food - It Can Be Done

There are four characteristics with every person who is diagnosed with cancer and

they are; a weak immune system, a lack of oxygen in the cells, excessive toxins and acidity. The food we eat everyday causes three of these characteristics.

The food we choose to eat is closely related to cancer, no matter where it appears in the body, faulty nutrition is singularly the most important factor in the development of all cancers. While there have been huge advancements in surgery, there have been many new drugs and the ability to detect cancer early has improved vastly. But unfortunately the only progress they havent made is the survival rate of someone diagnosed with cancer.

The reason being they are only addressing the cancer symptoms which is the growths and not the reason why it first grew and that doesnt help a patient overcome the problem long term. Our three mainstream treatments are toxic and all damage the immune system. What the body is really crying out for is to be healed with good nutrition and the correct choice of food will do that. A healthy body can overcome cancer, even advanced cancer.

The most efficient healer we have is a correctly functioning natural immune system and the only way to achieve that is to use our natural food as medicine. The human body has a remarkable disposition to overcome cancer through our built in immune system. The food we eat everyday does make a lot of sense but unfortunately it doesnt make a lot of dollars. Thats why we wont be informed about any natural treatments using food because our mainstream treatments today are all money orientated.

The natural food for human beings is freshly grown fruit and vegetables, most have cancer fighting properties. Recent research has found food such as onions, tomatoes, green and orange vegetables and many fruits including berries in their natural state have an amazing ability to strengthen the body enabling it to overcome cancer and other diseases. The food we are eating today doesnt have these cancer fighting properties as we are mainly eating food thats been processed.

Using our natural food as medicine is applying common sense to the cancer problem. That is addressing the reasons why it first grew. Our diets today play a big part why there is so much cancer and it make sense that by correcting the diet which will build up our immunity and will allow the body to fight the cancer to overcome the disease.

Its important to realize that cancer is a disease of the whole body, not just where the growth appeared. Thats why it just reappears again after someone has undergone any of the orthodox treatments. Cancer first appears because of a condition within the body so by just removing growths, that doesnt remove the condition that first caused these growths to appear. What is needed is healing of the whole body and good nutrition will do this.

Treating cancer is a billion dollar a year business, where as theres no huge profit in using food as your medicine. The most powerful weapon against cancer is the food we choose to eat everyday.

by: Alan-nzAbout the Author:Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specialising in nutrition. He has researched all aspects of cancer and how our diet is closely related to the disease. For further information on more effective ways to overcome cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit Cancer Facts & Information. guest:  register | login | search     IP( England / Spalding Processed in 0.016247 second(s), 5 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 16 , 3533, 301,
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