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Curing Bad Breath Effectively Once You Determine That You Have It

Curing Bad Breath Effectively Once You Determine That You Have It

Allow yourself to remember how you felt when you discovered that you have Halitosis or problem breath

. A little shocked and confused as to what to do next, I'm sure. If you also felt so anxious and desperate that you would try any quick fix to stop your breath problem, then you need to put on the brakes right here and now. Quick fixes just don't work. Problem breath can be caused by a number of different factors but I'm focusing on the odor which begins in the mouth, the source of approximately 80-90% of the population that have breath problems.

Specifically, there is a certain amount of bacteria in your mouth that actually help to breakdown certain proteins in the food you eat. The proteins are made up of amino acids and during that same process sulfer is extracted from the amino acids that produce Volatile Sulfuric Compounds also known as VSC. It's the VSC that smell bad and are the real source of your breath problem.

Keep away from the following so called remedies which will only intensify the VSC inside your mouth:

1. Excessive mouthwash - Most mouthwashes contain an alcohol base, specifically ethanol, which creates dry mouth and a fertile area for more bacteria to grow.

2. Chewing Gum - Chewing gum masks the symptoms of problem breath and in no way is a solution.

3. Chewing mint flavored tobacco - Aside from simply masking the symptoms this stuff causes oral cancer.

4. Intestinal cleaning methods- Such as pills. Forget them. Bad breath begins in the mouth, not the stomach.

5. Vodka, martini or whiskey - Consuming alcohol brings on a quick case of dry mouth and intensifies the odor in your mouth.

So, how do you go about curing bad breath effectively once you determine that you have it? The answer is to to create an environment in your mouth that does not support the growth of Volatile Sulfuric Compounds, mentioned earlier, by following these 5 steps:

1. Make easy lifestyle changes - For example, drink more water to prevent dry mouth and quit using over the counter oral hygiene products including mouthwash.

2. Invest in a tongue scraper - Don't worry you don't have to scrape hard but you do have to scrape. You'll want to make sure you scrape the surface of your tongue to remove any residue or substances that lie on top.

3. Make homemade toothpaste - Brush your teeth with baking soda. It's a great way to keep your teeth and mouth clean and odor free.

4. Add some green vegetables or plants to your diet - Green vegetable and plants contain chlorophyll which in turn neutralize your smelly breath. Parsley is my favorite because it works very quick. Chew on a little parsley and notice the difference in your breath within seconds.

5. Follow a daily regimen - Now that you have the basics, make sure you abide by them everyday to maintain clean and healthy breath.

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