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Courtenay Houses

Courtenay Houses

Courtenay British Columbia can be found on the east coast of Vancouver Island and offers a spectacular view of the mainland

. With a decent population hovering around the 25,000 resident mark, Courtenay makes a splendid argument for one of British Columbias most underrated cities. Courtney is littered with many large, spacious, and above all public parks that are kept exceptionally beautiful all year round.

With many things to do around the city, residents never seem to get bored too often and during the rare moments where boredom does set in, its quickly remedied by a short trip out to visit the natural wonders and beauty of Vancouver Island.

Courtney houses definitely seem to match the majestic natural beauty and prospective home buyers will gravitate towards the numerous selection of two-storey single family homes that come attached with breathtaking forest and ocean views. Quant bungalows nestled away in scenic communities also exist for those not interested in purchasing larger homes.

Potential residents interested in avoiding the line-up for the ferries should definitely take some time to research the wonderful district of Maple Ridge British Columbia. The estimated population of 68, 949 people have made it a priority to maintain their amicable ties to the natural wonders while incorporating commercial and industrial investments.

Of course when residents and politicians alike arent busy championing the nature cause, they can be found enjoying the Fraser Valley and numerous mountains. In terms of dwelling places, Maple Ridge houses stack up quite nicely to the rest of what British Columbian residents are used to.

Potential home buyers will notice a grand selection of residential properties that include pleasant bungalows with upwards of four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as larger two-storey single family homes with open floor concepts, designed specifically with the family in mind.

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