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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save Your Life

When I was in the second grade, our teachers started one of those "everyone is different and that's okay" campaigns

. In retrospect, they handled it really poorly, actually pointing out our various differences and asking us what we thought about them. I'm sure a lot of feelings were hurt that day, and I'm glad that I wasn't one of the ones that was singled out.

Some difference in a student would be pointed out, like their race, or their hairstyle, or some aspect of the way they looked and ask us if we thought that was good or bad. Second graders have opinions, but they usually don't have the tact to discuss these types of things with any understanding of political correctness. The one that I remember clearly was when one of my friends was hauled to the front of the room, and then we were asked to critique his appearance. He stood there, smiling, and I was asked what I thought about his smile.

"Well, it's not so good. His teeth are yellow instead of white."

The teacher then went on to tell me why I was wrong; why it was okay to have yellow teeth and that everyone's teeth aren't all perfectly white. I didn't mind being wrong, but even now, decades later, I can't help but think how that poor boy must have felt as we found negative ways to point out his differences.

And for the record, yellow teeth are not okay. They are a sign of decay. While it might not matter as much in the second grade, it does matter later in life, when appearance is even more crucial and when that yellowing may be a sign of painful and potentially permanent problems. If your teeth are yellow, or if they aren't matching up right, or if something else is in any way amiss about their appearance, take the time to schedule a visit with a good cosmetic dentist. A Boston-based cosmetic dentist can take care of the whitening, straightening, and realignment of your teeth as well as address any underlying problems relative to your dental health.

Did you know that dental problems can be a sign of and cause of cardiovascular problems? I would much rather see a cosmetic dentist than a cardiologist, and I would rather see both of them than pay a single visit to a coroner or mortician. Never doubt that appearance is directly related to health.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save Your Life