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Comparison Of Domestic And International Health Insurance Policies

Comparison Of Domestic And International Health Insurance Policies

While one is searching for health insurance, he is provided with a variety of health insurance options

. This variety is offered in order to meet the demands of the populace. Depending on the needs and budget one can opt for domestic (or local) health insurance policy or international (or global) health insurance policy. Domestic health insurance policies depend on the local healthcare system of the country. Along with the domestic health insurance plans provided by the country there also exists health insurance policies and plans that provide health coverage all around the world (i.e. globally). Such health insurance policies are also known as international health insurance policies.

Domestic health insurance policies are limited to covering healthcare expenses only within the country where as international health insurance policies provide coverage for health care expenses globally.

Domestic health insurance policies are more affordable than the international health insurance polices. However the coverage and benefits are more in the international health insurance policies.

If one is the owner of a domestic insurance policy then he will not be covered for his medical expenses outside the country.Comparison Of Domestic And International Health Insurance Policies

There is a difference in the way the insurance companies calculate the premiums for the domestic and international insurance policies. Also domestic health insurance policies as well as international health insurance policies both have and follow different systems for assessing and adjusting their premiums every year.

The terms and conditions of domestic health insurance plans get affected by national issues where as the terms and conditions of the international health insurance company get affected by the international issues.

The main difference between the two types of health insurance policy is that if one shifts from one country to other before his policy matures then he does not get the benefits of the existing policy in other country if the policy is domestic one. Thus he will have to purchase new policy in the country he shifts too. Also if he is already suffering from some health problems and is covered under the existing domestic policy then after shifting while buying new policy in the new country this illness is considered to be pre-existing and hence will not be covered under the new policy. How ever if you are the owner of the international health insurance policy then the only formality you need to undertake is change of address and then you can have the benefits of the international health insurance policy that you own in which ever country you shift. This can also be referred to as portability of the insurance plan.

Both the types of health insurance plans (domestic and international) allow citizens upto 65 years of age to apply for the health insurance policy. Some health insurance policy companies have extended the age limit upto 80 years also. However the point that makes a difference between the two types of health insurance policy is that renewal of domestic health insurance policy is allowed upto certain age limit only but on the other hand the owner of the international health insurance policy can with guarantee keep renewing the policy as long as the policyholder wishes.

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