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Common Reasons Why Pet Dogs Become Ill

Common Reasons Why Pet Dogs Become Ill

Many dog illnesses, such as dm in dogs, arthritis and cancer

, only start showing after the dog is a few years old. These diseases slowly affect the dog and often result in death. Many dog owners would rather they put the dog to sleep in the early stages of these illnesses to prevent the dog from suffering as it progresses. Some do not understand how these develop, thinking that they did their best in providing their dog a healthy life. But in recent years, diet and exercise is not enough to keep dogs healthy.

Its in their genes

Most of these illnesses are passed down from the dogs parents are in their bloodline. This is why its important to check the medical history of the puppy for any hereditary diseases. However, basing alone on the puppys medical history is not going to be enough to determine if it will develop any illness after a few years. Whats worse is that most of these illnesses, such as dm in dogs, are only seen after the dog has matured, so no one can really tell if they can develop dm when they are still pups.

These illnesses stay dormant

Many illnesses do not show their signs and symptoms when the dog is still young. A lot of dog owners who have lost their beloved pets because of these illnesses would say that they did not expect their dogs to get sick. Although there are some vaccines that pet owners can ask for during their trips to the vet, some illnesses still do not have any cures, such as cancer and diseases that have to do with the kidneys.

Lack of exercise

Due to our busy lifestyles, many dog owners cannot even afford the time to give their dogs some much-needed exercise. More and more dogs are now living in the cities, in small apartments. They usually do not get as much exercise as they normally should. Lack of exercise can cause illnesses to develop or the dog becoming overweight. Dogs should be taken out of regular walks at least every day to keep their muscles toned and their bones strong.

Not getting enough nutrients

A good diet is not enough these days. Dogs may also need supplements to keep away from illnesses. Some vitamins can be mixed in to the dogs food. However, there are also other ways, such as shots given by the vet, which can help boost the dogs immune system. Talk to the vet and ask them which shots are right for your pet. Its better to invest in their heath now and avoid problems later.

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Common Reasons Why Pet Dogs Become Ill