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Commercial Health Insurance - Understanding The Basics

Commercial Health Insurance - Understanding The Basics

Commercial health insurance provides two main benefits

. These are medical expense benefits that often cover a wide variety of medical procedures, tests, and hospitalization and disability income for those that are disabled. There are huge variations in the different types of coverage that are offered, but there are basic criteria that remain fairly standard and easy to comprehend.

The medical expense coverage can be pretty comprehensive. It often includes operating room visits, doctor and surgeon fees, prescription fees, prosthetic limbs, laboratory tests, therapy and ambulatory patient transport among many others.

Some forms of health coverage however may offer a more extensive list of services that are covered by the policy than others. A lot of this is dependent on what company you work for or what health insurance plan you purchase. For instance gastric bypass surgery may be covered under one company's plan but not another. Most people do not realize this fact.

The disability income benefits provide monetary benefits to those individuals that are either full or even partially disabled. These benefits are subject to time restrictions and there is also a set maximum dollar amount that is assured. Once the allotted duration has passed, or the maximum dollar amount dispensed, this section of coverage will discontinue throughout the policy duration.Commercial Health Insurance - Understanding The Basics

For individuals with recurrent disabilities, often each recurrence will be deemed a new disability. However, in order for the subject to return to disability income as provided under the terms of the health insurance, there are certain stipulations that must be met. One such standard one is that the employee must have returned to work for a minimum of six consecutive months in between occurrences.

Also one other thing to understand about commercial health coverage is that the renewal provisions change from year to year. The renewals determine the way each type of insurance will work from year to year, and often, the health coverage is changed slightly to meets the needs of the insurers and the companies that offer the policies. So it is important to read the policy each year and know what is covered. For example, do you know what is your "lifetime maximum"?

More can be learned about commercial health insurance online. Ratings and reviews offered by consumers can provide insight into who the most cost-effective and reputable providers are. Finding the right commercial health insurance can also be done by enlisting the aid of a seasoned and professional agent or broker who can help you shop for the best deals.

by: Zandra Jones
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