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Colon Cancer Tumor Markers

Author: Steve Valentino

Once the complete development is achieved, this process stops. Colon Cancer Tumor Markers By then, new cells are only created as the need for them arises. But if this process continues at an abnormal rate, cancer is likely to develop. This cancer cells will invade neighboring tissues. If this condition happens in the intestinal lining, a disease termed as colorectal cancer begins, betterly known as colon cancer. Colorectal cancers normally start as benign polyps that soon develop into cancers. Fortunately, colon cancer is easily detected and has great potentials for removal if diagnosed at an early stage. Surgical treatments can be enforced even until the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes. And the success of undergoing chemotherapy to cure the colon cancer is impressive. Though this is true, the fact that colon cancer stands as the second most prevalent cancer remains to be the cause of higher death rates among cancer victims. The earlier estimate for the survival rate of a colon cancer victim is around ninety percent and higher. But this figure radically changed after the year 2004. People with greater risks of developing the colon cancer Western societies are more prone to the dangers brought about by the colon cancer. The reason pointed out for this condition is that Western people have diets lacking in the necessary nutrients needed by the body and the healthy foods that are normally eaten in other parts of the world. Diets in highly industrialized sections of the West are much worse. Foods typically come short with the components found in fruits, vegetables and proteins.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here Additionally, smokers who regularly smoke around 20 cigarettes or more on a daily basis are found to have 250% possibility of developing the colon cancer. Drinkers have 87% more chance of acquiring the disease as opposed with nondrinkers. And if these two ill practices are combined then the likelihood of developing polyps rises to 400%. Men are found to have greater risks in developing colon cancer than that of the female population. Colored women, mainly black, have greater likelihood of developing the disease. And drinkers, smokers, obese and sedentary individual have potential risks for polyps growth. Sadly, colon cancer is hereditary. If a person in the family is found to carry the condition, then the first-degree relatives may have colon polyps as well. Prevention There are strong evidences that high calcium contents in a person's body reduce the risk against the colon cancer. Again, another good sources of prevention against the disease are the vegetables. The phytochemicals found in certain vegetables are noted to have great effects against the development of the polyps. Daily exercises also go a long way in controlling the risk for the cancer. Aspirin is known to reduce the potentiality of the growth of the colon polyps and the colon cancers as well as the cancer of the esophagus and the stomach. A regular 325 mg of daily aspirin intake may be sufficient to outbalance a person's risk. Though it must be noted that aspirin may cause intestinal bleeding and ulcer. Lower incidence of colon cancer is also attributed to the daily consumption of 1500 mg of Calcium. The future of the colon cancer is yet to be defined. Yet the current trend of developing the disease is not yet as aggravated as with other deadly diseases and luckily enough, there are great improvements towards earlier diagnosis of the condition. Like with the majority of health condition, the rule of thumb continues to be- stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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