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Colon Cancer Treatment Options

Author: Willox Perez

Colorectal is a cancerous condition that affects the organs of the digestive system and rectum. Colon Cancer Treatment Options The body's primary digestive systems is made up of a large intestinal tract and colon. Hence, the name colorectal. Combined these two organs have the responsibility of digesting food and extracting minerals and vitamins for the blood-stream where they are distributed to other parts of the body promoting nutritional health. Symptoms include a wide variety of signs that indicate problems may be developing. Screening for early detection will play a significant role in helping you to overcome. Symptoms can include serious pain in your abdominal region, loss of appetite, blood in your bowel movements, feeling weak and fatigued, ongoing diarrhea, or prolonged constipation. While these are not all inclusive symptoms, if you have chronic signs as these, you should consult with your doctor for further screening. The signs could be an indication of something entirely different such as something less serious, but nonetheless, should be treated. Doctors use different methods to diagnose colon or colorectal cancer. The screening process involves a series of tests to evaluate this condition. The first and most common is a rectum exam where the doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to feel for lumps or growths. This is usually followed by a fecal test where stool samples are taken and analyzed for abnormalities.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here If abnormalities are detected, a more advanced method may be employed such as the use of digital imaging that uses a variety of technological imaging devices to see inside the body. This can include MRI's, CT's, Colonoscopy, and even Ultrasounds. A biopsy may be required once the findings of abnormalities are confirmed. Treatment can be intrusive or non-intrusive depending on the treatment plan your doctor designs for your treatment. The stage of colorectal cancer greatly determines the methods of treating cancer in the colon. Surgery is the most common treatment. Here affected sections of the intestines are simply removed. Depending on how large a section is removed will determine if the patient has to have a colostomy - where a stoma is inserted and body waste products are passed through to a bag and discarded. Non-intrusive treatments can involve radiation therapy, chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, or Electrofulgeration. Each can be discussed with your doctor and each may have its own side effects. Prescription medications may be taken to help alleviate pain after surgery. Use the resources on the Internet site to find information on prevention, find pictures, understand the colon cancer stages, types of rectal carcinomas (cancer de colon), and find alternative treatments.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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