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Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines 2009

Author: Willox Perez

As far as reasons go, there are many reasons why colon cancer is such a large part of Western society. Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines 2009What it is that actually causes cancer? As with all things there is also one primary reason for cancer. This was discovered back in the first half of the twentieth century. The foremost biochemist of his day, Doctor Otto Warburg, discovered the prime cause and prevention of cancer. Even though the medical industry does not use his work, he nevertheless received the Nobel prize for his discoveries. Doctor Warburg would tell you that the primary cause of colon cancer is the lack of oxygenation of the cells in the body. In other words; what causes colon cancer is a low level or amount of oxygen that reaches the cells of the colon. Sure, polyps can develop and then turn cancerous, but they are not the primary cause, they are secondary or even later in importance. Did you know that smoking is also a risk factor? Of course this is not going to be the primary cause of colon cancer, but smoking is destructive to more than just the lungs in the human body. Being overweight can help to cause colon cancer because an overweight person will usually have a low Ph ( another way to say low oxygen ) level. The familiar Ph paper can be used to test the oxygen level of more than just soil or water. It can also be used to test the acid alkaline level of the human body. A low oxygen level correlates to an acidic Ph level. Farmers have an optimum level of "positive hydrogen" ( Ph ) and it results in a good crop for them. The human body has the exact same optimum level as good soil. It is close to seven. If you will keep your body at the optimum or balanced Ph level, it will be very hard or impossible for cancer to form in your colon.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here Colon cancer cells ( and all cancer cells ) are cells that live and operate with little or no oxygen. Normal healthy cells need and use oxygen to live. Colon cancer cells, like all cancer cells, burn sugar for energy. Normal healthy cells burn oxygen to make energy. Which is happening inside your body, including your colon ? If you learn to keep your weight under control, and exercise regularly, you will help to oxygenate your cells and prevent colon cancer. You will also be preventing other cancers from growing. When a cancer cell burns sugar to make energy, it throws off even more acid into the body. If you will make sure this process never starts, you will have defeated colon cancer. If the answer to your question; "What causes colon cancer ?", seems too simple, it is not. The most powerful information is always distilled into the smallest answer by competent men or women. Doctor Warburg was one such man. Use his accomplishments in good health.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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