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Colon Cancer Prognosis Calculator

Author: Steven Wagenheim

A person who has this disease will suffer constipation, diarrheic, abdominal pain and anemia among other symptoms. Colon Cancer Prognosis Calculator But there are actually many ways to prevent having colon cancer. A basic lifestyle change that involves your diet and physical activities is one of the most effective ways to avoid having this disease. You should note that eating foods that are low in fiber but are high in fat every day increases your risks of having colon cancer. Likewise, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can prevent colon cancer because these foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can fight cancer. Smoking and drinking should also be avoided if you want to prevent colon cancer. Note that stopping these habits will also prevent other kinds of diseases such as cancer of the lungs and heart problems. Lessening your alcohol intake may do wonders for your health and reduce the risks of complications. On the other hand, smoking increases the risk of dying by thirty to forty percent for people who already have colon cancer so quitting this habit can actually save your life. Aside from being conscious of your daily intake of food and avoiding bad habits that can be detrimental to your heath, having a pro-active lifestyle can also prevent all forms of cancer including colon cancer. It is believed that just doing thirty minute of physical activity everyday can significantly reduce the risks of acquiring colon cancer. The reason for this is because exercise will help keep your weight under control and keep your metabolism at a normal rate to keep your bowel movement regular. Some researchers also observed that around fifteen percent of colon cancer cases could easily have been prevented if those affected had taken the time to exercise everyday.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here As in any other cancer cases, colon cancer should also be detected early to prevent it from becoming worse. Because of this, it is essential that you undertake screening tests regularly because colon cancer has no symptoms at its early stages. Note that screening tests are especially important for people who are in middle but younger people are not exempted particularly if they have a family history of having colon cancer. It is also recommended that people who are between the ages of forty to fifty undertake the faecal occult blood test every two years to be on the sage side. To conduct a faecal occult blood test, you need to collect samples of your faeces so that it can be tested in a laboratory for some traces of blood. The reason why this test is important is because small bowel tumors can turn into cancer if it is left untreated. These tumors actually bleed in your bowel but it does not bleed enough for you to notice so laboratory tests are required. Another way to detect if you have colon cancer is through colonoscopy. This is also the most effective way to determine whether you have colon cancer or not because it allows your doctors to examine your whole bowel for signs of tumors. This procedure is normally conducted in hospitals and you need to clean out your bowels before you can take this test.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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