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Keeping in touch with your children at university

Keeping in touch with your children at universityKeeping in touch with your children at university Waving goodbye to your children as they go off to university can be a tough thing to do, especially if it is the first time that they have lived away from home - it can almost be like seeing them walk away from the gates on their first day of school all over again. But it is important that they have their own space and are allowed to settle in and get used to living on their own.While it...more

Dating Relationship Advice For Teenagers

Dating Relationship Advice For TeenagersRelationship advice for coupleWith the growing popularity of online dating, millions of people of all ages are trying it out in order to find their soul mate. The relationship that start over the Internet grow into deeper, more meaningful ones and many times, the couples end up together, either in marriages or they live together with one partner moving to be closer to the other. Although there have been many great stories of people finding their...more

Types of Drug Rehabilitation For Teenager Drug Abuse Patients by:Adam Rise

Types of Drug Rehabilitation For Teenager Drug Abuse Patients by:Adam RiseFinding help on how to combat drug addiction is hard to come across - whether it is for parents looking out for the welfare of their children, or troubled teens wanting to kick their addiction, or anybody in between. If you want to seek treatment for yourself if you are a teen or for your child if you are a parent, then drug rehab centers would be the first stop you should make for treatment. At some point you may ask why, because you or your child might be strong enough to combat addiction using sheer willpower and abstinence. But you should remember addiction is not some shirt that you take off and throw in the hamper. There is a physical and psychological dependence on the drug, so going cold turkey isn't going to be a walk in the park for somebody who is suffering from addiction. Someone who is an addict would need professional help to monitor progress, ensure that the victim is keeping true to his or her goal to kick the habit, and to make sure as well that the victim doesn't suffer from a relapse.The most common type of rehab treatment is the support group method of treatment. Here, victims interact with other victims and are guided by a counselor in scheduled...more

Nine Misconceptions Of The Parents When Controlling The Childrens Weight

Nine Misconceptions Of The Parents When Controlling The Childrens WeightIn fact, the causes of the childrens obesity often lie in the mistaken view of some parents. What should the parents do to let children have a healthy weight? The following misconceptions should be avoided. Misconception One: baby fat does not matter and the over weight will be normal after children grow up. Weight management experts point out that this attitude of the parents often leads to a...more

How To Write Successfully For Children

How To Write Successfully For ChildrenNothing, but nothing, is more delightful than writing for children. And if you've started, as most such writers do, by writing for your own children, then you have delight piled on delight in store. Lucky you.But as soon as you turn your mind to publication, the world starts to turn, not darker exactly, but a little more ruthless. Writing for publishers, even children's publishers, means...more

Back-to-school Help For Kids With Add/adhd

Back-to-school Help For Kids With Add/adhdIf your child has been labeled ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, you may already feel the pressure to pump him full of Ritalin before the school year starts again. But while its estimated that 6 million children will take Ritalin or other brands of stimulant medications, that doesnt mean that a prescription is right for your child.Like all medications, there are risks and side effects associated with taking stimulants: insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability and perhaps most common a sense of emotional numbness. And while some parents swear that the benefits have been enough to get their children back on track in school, there is a growing movement toward non-drug therapies to help kids with ADHD. One therapy that has proved particularly effective is called cognitive skills training.What are cognitive skills?Cognitive skills are the essential, but often overlooked fundamental tools of effective learning, explains Dr. Ken Gibson, founder of the PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) program, a brain training program that specializes in cognitive skills training. Learning isnt about how much you know, but how effectively you process or handle the information you...more

Can Stop Smoking Clinics Help Children Quit Smoking?

Can Stop Smoking Clinics Help Children Quit Smoking?So you want to give up smoking? Many people do, but most of them find it very difficult to do so. The physical and mental aspects of smoking make it a double whammy when it comes to trying to give up. Clearly you need a plan of action - a way of stopping that will make it easier than you might think...more

The Importance Of Table Lamps To School Children

A Table lamp is a word that still brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it. People reading this article must be wondering what there is in the word that can make somebody smile. The yellow light of my table lamp used to be the ideal motivator to concentrate on my studies. Now you would...more

Rugs For Childrens Playroom

Rugs For Childrens PlayroomAre you at a cross roads on what type of flooring option to use for the childrens playroom? You dont have to be because there are several designs and quality of rugs for childrens playroom out there in the interior decoration market. With the advancement in technology and the need for a type of...more

Yoga For Children Or The Beginners The Little Yogis

Yoga For Children Or The Beginners The Little YogisThe world as it is today, believes that the art of Yoga is meant only for those adults who can pronounce the names of the poses and postures correctly. There is an unspoken apprehension about Yoga being harmful for children who are within the age of 5 to 11. The reason for such apprehensions are...more

Lasik surgery for teenagers

Lasik surgery for teenagersLasik surgery for teenagers When it comes to Lasik surgery, it is becoming quite popular with the passing day. There are so many people opting for Lasik surgery and thanks to the technology that is making it not just safe but also quick. Though there are so many people of different...more

Are Children Eligible For Social Security Benefits?

Are Children Eligible For Social Security Benefits?Contrary to what most people think, children are prioritized when it comes to Social Security benefits qualification. Children are eligible for benefits under the account of their real parents, step parents, or foster parents who are retired or disabled. In case their guardian died but has been a...more

Kids Camping Gear - Camping Supplies Children Will Need!

Kids Camping Gear - Camping Supplies Children Will Need!Kids Camping Gear - Camping Supplies Children Will Need! Taking a camping trip into the out doors is fun. In many areas, you can camp during all four seasons and it's fun for all types of ages. A few benefits of camping is being away from your house and spending time with family...more

Children's Portraits

Children's PortraitsChildren's Portraits Sketching children demands directness of purpose and freshness. However, there aren't many fast and ready guidelines. Let's just say that those portraitists wanting to create an artistic children's portrait will need a patient and sharp eye.The good...more
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