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A Bad Diet Can Lead To Asthma In Children

A poor diet plan and absence of exercising can easily lead to a good difference in metabolic process that could improve a child's chance of getting symptoms of asthma, a fresh analysis suggests.This is true essentially among children with a wholesome weight, a discovery that challenges the popular belief that unhealthy weight per se is the risk factor regarding bronchial asthma, according to the research authors.The researchers reviewed data...more

Choosing Your Child's First Pet

Picking your child's first pet can be very exciting. Whether it is a dog, rabbit, or fish – all parents should make sure to choose the correct kind of pet. The animal should be safe, as well as age appropriate.What kind of pet should a parent choose for their young child? Sadly, not all animals are suitable for children. Before running down to the pet store, be sure to do enough research on which pets are safest for your...more

Health Reform Slashes Health Insurance Alternatives for Connecticut Children

The September health care reform mandates will decrease the health care insurance alternatives available for kids.  All over the country, many private medical insurance carriers appear to have decided not to insure youth who purchase standalone policies after September 22nd.  Not all carriers have announced their decision on this issue, but many that have are choosing eliminate these types of policies.Youth who apply for medical insurance with at one or both parents will not be affected.  children who are covered by  standalone policies that were effective prior to the mandate will be allowed to keep their existing policies.Who's the bad guy here?  We can fault the insurance carriers.  However, asking an insurance carrier to insure unhealthy people is like asking banks to underwrite loans for people with poor credit scores.  Congress might more at fault than the insurance carriers.Health care insurance carriers do  make tons of money but their margins are miniscule.  They don't make tons of money on per policy.  Adding just a few additional significantly unprofitable people can make them lose money or make their premiums unaffordable.A...more

Kids Army Gear Is Fun and Can Be Found Online

Kids army gear is a ton of fun! I should know, I have three young nephew who wear camo every day!Now I was blessed with a beautiful little girl who doesn't mind getting dirty and likes the kids army clothing but is not much for the other army gear like her cousins.I have found many great deals online and you may want to take a...more

Dangerous Playgrounds Are Good For Kids

Society has become more increasingly litigious and one side effect is the way we treat our children. You often hear the phrase 'when I was a lad...' referring to the good old days when you walked off a broken leg. Such good old days bare a stark contrast to the way in which we value our kid's safety, acting as if they were made of...more

Dealing With Children While Dating

If you are dating someone who has children and you don't have children you may be in for a few surprises. You may think that you have found the love of your life and then you meet THE children. Depending on your age, you may be dealing with teenagers or you may be dealing with a five year old who thinks you stole his daddy from his mommy. Either way, there will be some things that you need to be prepared for.Relationships are difficult enough but when you throw kids into the mix, it becomes much more complicated. You will have to learn to share your lover with his children and his ex-wife too. There is no way to separate this and you wouldn't really want to, so you will need to learn how to deal with it as best as you can. How you handle this can make or break the relationship, if you decide that you still want a relationship.The first thing to remember is to not expect too much too fast. Give his children time to warm up to you they may still be healing from a painful divorce. It may take them a while to realize that you did not break up their parents marriage. Be nice to them, even if they are not nice to you but don't push it. If they are openly rude...more

Plastic Surgery To Correct Children's Conditions

The term plastic surgery usually makes people think of fake breasts and Botox injections but there are a whole slew of operations for all kinds of medically necessary problems. Many of them are specifically for children even. The most common is ear...more

A Parent's Worry: Is Skateboarding Dangerous for Kids?

Child safety is a major concern of parents. And it is surprising how little most of us know about what is safe and what is not. Suppose your young son comes to you and says he wants to learn how to skateboard. Many parents are appalled...more

Kids Garment Bag

If you are a parent or a caretaker of children, you are bound to run into a situation where you have an important event to attend where your kids will be accompanying you. Some events and occasions call for everyone to be formally dressed and well...more

Anal Incontinence After Childbirth

In a study undertaken by Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust following more than 20,000 consecutive vaginal deliveries a clinically diagnosed obstetric anal injury occurred in 2.9% of women who were pregnant for the first time and...more

Tips for Parents to Choose the Best College for their Children

 In some families, students decide which college to study. But, in some families, parents take the responsibility to decide which college for their children. The choice of college becomes the best only if the decision is wise. This...more

Drug Rehabilitation May Be The Only Solution For Your Teenager

Today there seem to be more and more celebrities caught up in drug problems, especially among the younger actors. Unfortunately these are the role models for most of our impressionable youth. It seems the only time celebrities attend drug...more
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