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Children and Chocolate

Children and Chocolate

Children and Chocolate

About two years ago, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the nutritional status of today's children comparing this generation of kids with children of the post-war generation. In spite of the shortages in food supply back then, children in the 1950s ate more healthy and took in less refined sugar than today's generation of children who are hooked on chocolates, chips and sweetened soft drinks. Considering the damaging affects these have on health, parents should consider more healthy options of meeting the chocolate cravings of their kids, like cocoa tea.

Chocolates are no longer the "treats" they once used to be. It is not surprising to see today's children eating candy and chocolate every day as parents give in to the pestering demands of their children! How bad is this for your child's health? Let's take a look:

Children easily develop an affinity for chocolate. Chocolates contain refined sugar, corn syrup, chemical flavoring, unhealthy fats and other additivesall of which are unhealthy. In fact, it may be surprising to note that there is relatively little cocoa in milk chocolate bars!Children and Chocolate

The sugar in chocolate bars is a heavily concentrated form of corn syrup. While corn syrup is more economical for manufacturers, it is more concentrated than granulated sugar and therefore, of less nutritional value.

The high sugar levels in chocolate bars produce more acid in saliva, which is connected with a greater incidence of tooth decay among children who eat chocolate candy regularly.

Too much sugar may contribute toward hyperactivity in children!

Too much sugar in the diet may partially suppress the immune system.

Too much sugar in the diet interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

It deprives them of the nutrition they need. Children today tend to stuff themselves on junk food, like chocolate bars, and do not receive the nutrition they need for healthy growth.

Daily chocolate consumption adds to the daily calorie intake. Childhood obesity and other degenerative ailments are believed to arise from being overweight.

Cocoa Tea A Healthy Option to Chocolate Bars!

In contrast to chocolate bars, cocoa tea contains pure, defatted cocoa. Pure, defatted cocoa is high in antioxidant value. Your child will get the delicious chocolate flavor he craves for, without the unhealthy additives and ingredients found in chocolate bars. You can drink cocoa tea hot or cold. Cocoa tea can be added to chocolate cake or brownie recipes. It can be used to make chocolate puddings and homemade chocolate ice cream.

Cocoa tea contains a combination of pure cocoa, green tea and resveratrol. All of these are powerful antioxidants. Green tea helps support cellular health. It also helps the body to naturally support healthy cholesterol and glucose levels already within a normal range. Resveratrol also supports heart health.

With such a superior chocolate-eating option, parents can now encourage their kids to eat healthy chocolate. Make cocoa tea a "treat" in your home. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supplying their little bodies with nutrients that can reap health benefits for them today and later on in life.
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Children and Chocolate