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Child Labour in Pakistan

Child Labour in Pakistan

Child Labour in Pakistan

The maid Razia, who works at our house has four daughters and a recently adopted son. Her daughters, the eldest being 10 years old, studied in a government school till about a year ago.

Then one day, she told us that her eldest daughter, Rebecca, would also come to work with her. My mother asked about her education. Razia told that her husband, who earns about 20,000 or more a month, and works for the Cantonment Board, had taken the girls out of school due to lack of money. We were shocked when she said that her husband, Feroz, said that Rebecca had grown up and was enough educated.

She tried to bring her with her to work at our house and the others where she worked. We told our mother that we don't like a child so young cleaning and sweeping the house when she does not even know how to hold a broom. My mother said to Razia that it's Rebecca's age to play, but she also said that she has grown up. Besides, she wanted her to help her earn money by cleaning other people's houses. Nevertheless, we did not let her daughter work at our house, because we felt bad when she cleaned the house while we studied and did other stuff.

The "Baji"s or the women of the other houses, on the other hand, make her do the chores and wash their clothes happily. My mother said that she would sponsor the girls' education, but Razia's husband refused. According to him, as nobody studies in their colony, their daughters also shouldn't.

It's not only the society's fault. Parents sometimes do not understand that their decisions can ruin their children's future. They want their young children to be working just like them. It's not our fault when they say that they are on the back foot. But some people, like the ladies who let the girl work, encourage child labour, which is also very wrong. Razia told that the daughter of a women Rebecca works in the house of, is also 10 years old, and goes to school. Well, we can expect that from a Pakistani. Awareness can only be given if one wants to get it.

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