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Child Custody Help For Fathers' Custody Rights

Child Custody Help For Fathers' Custody Rights

It has typically been the habit of the court to rule in favor of the mother in child custody cases

, because of the belief that mothers are better care takers. This is a belief that is continually being contested by fathers, and awarding fathers custody rights is gradually becoming more mainstream. Here is some custody help for fathers, so they can stand up for their custody rights.

When entering into a child custody case it is important for a father to understand his rights and the options that are available to him. If it is possible, try to come to an agreement with your former spouse before you go to court. The options available are sole custody to either parent or joint custody between both parents. If you can work out a plan for custody ahead of time, you will be more likely to have your agreement approved by the court, and more likely to get the level of custody that you seek.

It is important to remember that in the case of young children, unless there is evidence that the children will be poorly cared for, they are usually placed in physical custody of the mother. The reason for this is that is can be hard on the children to be away from the home they are used to or spend nights away from home. When entering into a custody battle with the courts, it is important to always be supportive of the child's mother.

If both parents are equally able to care for the children, they are likely to rule in favor of the parent who will abide by the custody agreement and the visitation rights of the other parent. For this reason it will only help your case as a father if you try to have an amicable and open relationship with your children's mother. This will show that you are willing to uphold any visitation agreement that the court commands. Child Custody Help For Fathers' Custody Rights

It is also important to know that if you fail to make a child support payment, this in no way invalidates your child custody rights. Unless it can be proven that you are a danger to your child, nothing takes away from your right to see your child. As a father it is important during the separation to remain a large part of your child's life. This will show the courts that you have put in the effort to remain there for your children despite the problems.

Fathers have the same rights as mothers in child custody cases. Keeping the children in the family home and on the same daily routine will be one of the goals of the court. If you are already a "stay at home" dad, your chances of winning custody will increase considerably. If you are not the children's full time caretaker, make sure to provide a home that keeps the children at the same school and in the same neighborhood, to reduce the stress of the divorce.

by: Hera Nelsun
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Child Custody Help For Fathers' Custody Rights Ashburn