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Dental problems are usually not inherited; unhealthy dietary habits that one inculcates with age lead to some major teeth and gum problems

. Discoloured teeth are one of the most pertinent problems faced by dental patients. However, Chicago Dental Care clinics can handle all kinds of dental inconveniences with their dental expertise. Be it chipped, gapped or tainted teeth, gummy smile or any other aesthetic corrections, dental experts are fully equipped with a large inventory of dental solutions.

Chicago Dental Care: In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

Chicago Dental Care units solve the problem of discoloured teeth in their clinics in two effective ways, using a whitening mouthpiece or laser bleaching. In the former, the dentist makes moulds of your teeth to order a teeth whitening mouthpiece. The whitening mouthpiece is made of plastic and filled with a whitening agent such as peroxide. It is pressed against your teeth. Each session takes approximately 1-2 hours and the entire procedure requires a minimum three visits.

Laser bleaching is a much less time-consuming procedure in which concentrated peroxide gel is rubbed onto the teeth and a laser beam in shone onto the surface of the teeth. This beam reacts with the peroxide to complete the whitening process. This is the more popular of the two procedures.

Chicago Dental Care: Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

Chicago Dental Care clinics suggest the following practices of whitening ones teeth at home:

Brush your teeth for two minutes with oxygenating toothpaste before beginning the procedure. The result is more effective when the paste is combined with any natural polishing agent such as, aloe vera, which prevents sensitivity and strengthens the gums.

It is recommended to opt for mouth trays. These form-fitting mouth trays are custom fitted to individual bites. Ensure that the tray fits around each tooth and at the sides of the gums.

Use a strong whitening gel, preferably one that has 21 % concentrated carbamide peroxide, which has been formulated to lessen sensitivity. The results can be achieved within a very short time period. You can even choose flavoured whitening to make your experience more pleasant.

Using oxygenating oral rinse after the whitening treatment enhances the efficacy of the treatment. It is recommended that you should refrain from using mouthwash that contains alcohol since alcohol chemically curtails the effect of bleaching.

Dr. Jackson and his team of dental surgeons at the Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry are known to have completed several successful dental procedures. For any further information on this topic, visit

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