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Chemical Hair Treatments

Chemical Hair Treatments

Everyone knows that applying chemicals to the hair is not going to make the hair

any healthier in fact, chemical treatments have been proven to be detrimental to the longevity of hair life, however, just how bad these treatments can be for the hair is an ambiguous issue with many different places stating different views on the effects of treatments. If you are going to undertake in any hair styling treatments, make sure youre all clued up first!

The more common hair styling tools use heat, and are used in the home, such as hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs. These styling tools are infamous for damaging the hair as they dry out the cuticles and shafts, but this is only when the products are used at least once a day. As long as the hair is given frequent rests between uses of the heat styling tools, and the settings arent on too high a heat, the hair shouldnt suffer from such severe long term health or growth issues.

Chemical relaxing and straightening are fairly new introductions to the hair styling world. They work by breaking the chemical bonds found in curly hair. This treatment will dry the hair out with excessively applied, and puts the cuticle and shafts under a lot of heat pressure. Not only do chemical relaxers cause damage to the hair, but also to the skin, as sensitive scalps and skin can lead to severe allergic reactions after such chemicals are applied. In the same manner, perms the treatment used to make straight hair curly also carry the same chemicals and the same risks of reactions.

Colouring the hair carries similar dangers to the health of the hair. Semi-permanent treatments like henna, although easily used in the home and deemed reasonably safe, has been known to spark drastic allergic reactions, for example dermatitis an extremely nasty rash. For this reason it is vital that any home hair-styling treatment is tested in a small area (known as a patch test) before applied in large doses anywhere on the body.Chemical Hair Treatments

When using permanent hair colour treatments, it is important that you are aware that hair loss is an extremely common outcome of the use of products, as well as more well-known reactions such as irritation in the skin and hair, redness and burning. Some treatments can cause much more drastic reactions than others, so to be safe rather than sorry, always conduct a patch test before using any treatments or new creams.

by: Daniella Clowd
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