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Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and on Birth Control Pill Finally Revealed

Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and on Birth Control Pill Finally Revealed

Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and on Birth Control Pill Finally Revealed

According to studies on human reproductive system, the odds of getting pregnant for all fertile women are never nil at any day of menstrual cycle. The probability of conception may be greater on a few particular days, but is never nil throughout the cycle. Therefore, there is every likelihood of yours getting pregnant on your period. Go through the following account to get an answer to what are the chances of getting pregnant on your period and on the pill.

Menstrual Cycle or Period

The typical menstrual cycle is of 28 days. However, its length varies from woman to woman. It can be as short as 21 days and as long as 35 days. As per studies, only 30% of women have a menstrual cycle that takes place in 28 days. In case of periods of any number of days, ovulation is expected in the midway. For example, if the period takes 28 days to complete, it is the 14th day that is most likely to witness ovulation. Ovulation is the term used to describe the excretion of ovum or egg from the ovary. It is discharged from the rupturing of the ovarian follicle. The ovum leaves the ovary, travels to the fallopian tube and waits here for about 24-36 hours to get fertilized by a sperm. Fertilization is the process of fusion of an ovum with a sperm. In case the fertilization occurs, pregnancy begins. Otherwise, the ovum disintegrates and sheds off of the body along with the uterine lining and blood vessels. It causes bleeding for around 3-5 days. This is called menstruation. The menstrual cycle goes on taking place till fertilization takes place to initiate pregnancy. Read more on when does ovulation occur. Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and on Birth Control Pill Finally Revealed

Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period

As is suggested by the short description on period given above, fertilization is expected on the days near to the 14th day in a 28 days' cycle. If you have a period of 28 days length, you are at the peak of fertility from 12th to 16th days before the first day of next menstruation. Thus, you see that the probability of conception is directly dependent on fertilization, which in turn depends on the availability of ovum and sperm for fusion. The probability of fusion of sperm with the ovum is high during the mid of a menstrual cycle. It is low on other days as the presence of ovum in the fallopian tube is less expected on other days. But by any chance, if the ovum is present in the fallopian tube and a sperm comes available to it for fusion, fertilization can easily take place. A successful fertilization will trigger pregnancy. It means that if ovulation occurs during period or an ovum is available in the fallopian tube for fertilization, then you have all chances of getting pregnant on your period. This is possible in any of the following cases.

Case 1: Typically, when you are undergoing period, another ovum is developing in preparation for release during the menstrual cycle in flow. In case of short cycles, say of 21 days, the possibility of ovulation right after a couple of days of period is quite high. As a sperm can hang around in a woman's body for about 2-3 days, the probability of fertilization is there during periods. Such a case is also possible in menstrual cycles of comparatively longer lengths, like 35 days.

Case 2: If you suffer from bleeding for comparatively longer period of time, you may be bleeding long after you are actually done with period, or may be during ovulation. Thus, the time period that you take to be safe can actually be the peak of fertility in your case.

Case 3: Your chances of getting pregnant on your period is quite high if you suffer from irregularity in menstrual cycle. Since your periods are irregular, it is very difficult to predict the near-to-correct time of ovulation. To add to this, women who have irregular periods generally face another problem of episodes of irregular bleeding or false menstruation. Therefore, you may consider a sequence of bleeding as period, and may ovulate soon after it. Since a sperm can be present in your body for almost 2-3 days, you may mistakenly increase your chances of getting pregnant on your period. Women, who expect least to get pregnant, generally face menstrual cycle irregularity. They belong to generally two groups. The first group comprises of teenagers while the second group consists of women approaching or undergoing menopause.

Chances of Getting Pregnant on Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are of two types, combination pills and minipills. The former contains synthetic forms of both the female reproductive hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, while the latter consists only of progesterone. The synthetic estrogen of the combination pills prevents ovulation. Since ovum is not released to be present in the fallopian tube, fertilization cannot take place even if the sperms are present. Therefore, a woman cannot get pregnant. The synthetic progesterone from the combination as well as minipills, prevents pregnancy by several ways. First of all, it thickens the cervical mucus that hinders the movement of sperms in the female reproductive tract. Secondly, it obstructs the traveling of ovum through the fallopian tube. Thirdly, it partially represses the ability of sperm to fuse with the ovum. Thus, these hormones work towards making pregnancy a challenge. But the chances of getting pregnant while on pills is not nil. Any lapse in the dosages of birth control pills may alter the maintenance inside your body to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, you need to strictly follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor for birth control pills. They need to be taken at a fixed time of day. The type and dosage direction of birth control pills is different for different women.

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Getting Pregnant after MiscarriageChances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and on Birth Control Pill Finally Revealed

By now, you must have understood that the chances of getting pregnant on your period and on birth control pill are never zero. However, according to general observation, majority of pregnancies do not occur during periods. The percentage of women who conceived during period is very low. Still, you cannot take your period as completely safe as there are, though very little, chances of getting pregnant on your period. Thus, you need to make use of the information given in this article so as to enable yourself to drive your life your own way.

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