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Cervical Cancer Vaccine Dangers

Author: Ursa A.

But, did you know that there are many other kinds of cancer awareness ribbons out there that represent different kinds of cancer that affect women all around the world? Cervical Cancer Vaccine DangersYou might have seen one or two different colored cancer awareness ribbon pins and not even known what they meant. Here are some of the other colors of cancer awareness ribbons so you will know what they mean the next time that you see them: Teal This color of cancer awareness ribbons are for ovarian cancer. While this cancer isnt as prevalent as breast cancer, its numbers are, unfortunately, on the rise. So, when you see a teal cancer awareness ribbon or pin, you will know what they stand for. Peach This color of cancer awareness ribbons are for uterine cancer. This type of cancer is also not one that is mentioned much, but is a killer if not detected early enough and fought correctly. Lavender This color of cancer awareness ribbons are for gynecological cancer. This encompasses several different kinds of cancers, from ovarian to cervical, basically anything that has to do with the female reproductive organs falls under this category. Teal and White This color of cancer awareness ribbons are for cervical cancer. This cancer is hard to detect as well, unless it is screened for, but, when caught early, can be removed and treated.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here All of these cancer awareness ribbons and pins are different colors to distinguish between the different types of cancer. It helps for survivors and loved ones to spread their message of hope and survival to those who may not have heard of this particular type of cancer and make sure that other women have their screenings to ensure that they catch these potentially fatal diseases early enough for treatments to be effective. So, the next time that you see different colored cancer awareness ribbon pins, be sure to ask the wearer about it and share their story with you. It might just be the motivation that you need to see your doctor and get screened or to push a friend or family member to get their screening. After all, women are more likely to push their friends and family to get in to see their doctors sooner than later. And, like the breast cancer pins and other types of cancer awareness merchandise, most of the proceeds go toward research and the search for a cure.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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