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Car Lifts Versus Truck Lifts

Car Lifts Versus Truck Lifts

Car lifts are on practically every American block in most cities

. Small garage owners, hobbyist mechanics, and automotive repair chains all utilize car lifts dozens of times every day. Truck lifts are not so visible, but are the backbone of the American truck and heavy vehicle industry. Regardless of the size, they have to perform every time for both efficient operation and the safety of the personnel working below them. Both lift types are equally important and play a significant role in the domestic economy.

Let's take a look at both types of lifts, where they should be applied, and how.

Small Auto Lifts

These lifts are designed not only for the lighter load of cars, SUVs, and small trucks, but also need to be able to fit into smaller garages. Lift systems in this category focus on economies of both design and money. Fitting the entire unit into a space that is a one or two car garage requires a unique set of design points. The total package should be simple and easy to maintain. Moving parts should be minimized and a simple hydraulic pump system is preferable.

Car lifts should also be easy to service. The large investment made to purchase a lift has to be protected, keeping it in service for as many years as possible. Even if the manufacturer no longer offers parts and service, a small business does not usually need to buy a brand new lift. In this case, an automotive lift part specialty company is needed to provide replacement parts. As more companies enter this market, older parts are being "recontinued," so to speak. This also satisfies the auto mechanic that wants to buy used systems, but not be locked out of access to spare parts.

Truck Lifts

Besides having to bear heavier loads, truck lifts have many different design considerations than their smaller cousins. The size and space requirements are typically less of a concern when working on heavy duty vehicles. However, ground loading becomes a design point. Distributing a multi-ton semi truck's weight over the floor underneath a lift can be a sticky point. Reinforced floors, strong foundations, and tightly packed earth under a building are all options that need to be considered. The lift frame itself also has to distribute this weight and not allow a support to fail by shouldering too heavy of a load. This requires a utilization of a large surface area from the cylinders to the structure in order to diffuse a truck's weight.

Car lifts and truck lifts might just seem to be different sized version of each other. In reality, car lifts are smaller models that focus on an economy of space, an ease of operation and maintenance, and a straightforward hydraulic system. Truck lifts are larger, with responsibility for keeping heavy loads properly balanced and distributed while workers perform their jobs underneath. Using the right model is the safe and economical choice.

by: Chris Harmen
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