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Can You Earn Money Doing Surveys Online?

Can You Earn Money Doing Surveys Online?

Doing surveys online is an opportunity for people to earn an extra income

. People do make money with online surveys and maybe you can do. Of course not anyone can make money with surveys, like me for example. Before you sign up for anything and get all exited there are some things you should know about online surveys.

A while back I also tried to make money with surveys but I failed. I signed up to a survey program and then started registering to the different companies. But when I did that I found out that I could not register to most of the companies because I lived in Estonia. If you live in the United Kingtom, USA, Australia or Canada, then you can make money, but if you live outside these countries, then forget about surveys. I only got to do a few surveys and they only paid me pennies.

But this does not mean surveys are a scam. Well, I guess most of them are scams. Things are never as good as the survey sites tell they are. Then again if you do not try, then you will never know how much money you can make. You yourself need to be active and sign up to as many companies as you possible can and give great feedback when you can.

I guess the biggest problems with surveys is that they are not very reliable. Some day you could make $150 and the next day $0. You rely entirely on the companies to send you surveys, but when they stop sending you surveys, then you make nothing. I would not quit my day job and start earning money doing surveys, it is too unreliable. But if you just want some extra income and like doing surveys then go ahead.

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