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Can Google's Nexus One Challenge Apple's Iphone?

Can Google's Nexus One Challenge Apple's Iphone?

Recently the blogosphere has been rife with rumour about Google's new smartphone

. Tweets and blog posts were popping up everywhere late last year signifying the amount of expectation this release has on it. That rumour is now a reality as pictures of the handset started cropping up all over the web after the phone was launched yesterday the 5th of January to great tech anticipation. The Nexus One model is manufactured by HTC and runs on Google's Android open source operating system, boasting extra features such as voice directions while driving, a native Gmail application, and the ability to transcribe voice to text.

With moderate success after releasing the Android system on other handsets such as the Motorola Droid, Google are now hoping to really challenge Apple's domination of the smartphone market. Initial reactions suggest the Nexus One looks like a handset that has the potential to knock the iPhone from its podium as the most popular web capable mobile phone.

The design of the device is much like the HTC passion, ultra slim and sleek and not far removed from the iPhone's style. As for its hardware the powerful 1ghz Snapdragon processer makes it faster than the Motorola Droid and the iPhone 3GS, particularly for browsing the web. The Nexus One's OLED screen is slightly larger at 3.7 inches producing a higher contrast ratio with vivid colours and a brighter picture. The camera is only 5-megapixels but it there is a competent flash and the pixel spec should soon improve.

The usability of the touch screen is top notch, it's up there with Apple's user experience, which is just what you'd expect from a Google device. But is launching it as an official Google model enough to distinguish it against the other market leaders? In November 2009 Blackberry released the 9700 Bold to massive acclaim and now that the iPhone's available on Orange as well as O2 contract deals are becoming more competitive opening it up to yet more people. I've found no evidence of MP3 abilities but I'm sure this will be rectified before long.

Google are top of their game in most digital endeavours and it's been interesting to watch their steady approach into the mobile market, first offering an alternative operating system and now introducing a handset under the Google moniker. The answer's now will come from the public's reception and whether the Nexus One can appeal to the mainstream or if it's only going to be revered by geeks and gadget enthusiasts.

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Can Google's Nexus One Challenge Apple's Iphone?