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California health insurance is reasonable

California health insurance is reasonable

Individuals or families prefer health insurance so that they can claim from the insurance company in case of an injury or illness

. An insurance company guarantees a payment to the insurer, in case of emergency. Policy holder has to pay a certain premium amount to the insurance company, which then offers the policy holder a method to obtain affordable health care.

Health insurance mitigates your financial risk by reducing the amount you have to pay for medical visits, procedures, supplies and medications. For example, a police holder pays to the insurance company a premium of $100 per month. After taking a policy for 6 months, you have paid a total of $600 in premiums. During these six months, you haven't visited any physician in California or did not face any illness or injury. After paying 6th premium, you fall, injure your ankle and taken to emergency room.

In the emergency room, physicians generally examine your ankle and foot; take x-rays etc release you from the hospital with a pair of crutches. When you leave, you are asked to make a $50 payment to the hospital. One month later, hospital sends you total expenses which consists of x-rays, physical exam etc which is $5000. The bill reflects the $50 payment you made while in the hospital, shows a payment from the insurance company of $4550 and shows the bill paid in full. You escaped a very huge expense by just paying $600 in premiums for your insurance policy and $450 co-pay at the hospital. Had you failed to take an insurance cover, you would have been responsible for the entire $5000 bill. This is how insurance mitigates your financial risk.

There are different types of California health insurance coverage available. If a person needs coverage for catastrophes only then he can obtain major medical insurance. This insurance is good for California residents who want a cheap insurance for a catastrophic health event. This insurance only covers catastrophic illness and not routine or preventative care. If you work in a company with many employees, you can get group health insurance coverage. Individual insurance is the most affordable and accessible choice for consumers. In this type of policy, you can choose a plan that is right for you by choosing the benefits, deductibles, premiums and co-pays you need. California also offers a program for low income families with uninsured children.California health insurance is reasonable

There are many options available while choosing individual and group health insurance. The first choice is to decide between a two types of physician-networked insurance plans called, PPO plans and HMO plans. An HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization. With an HMO, you still work with a network of participating physicians, but unlike a PPO, the HMO generally offers no coverage if you go outside the network. A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization. In this type of plan, you can work with a network of physicians under contract with the insurance company. PPOs will allow you to consult with a physician outside of their network, but will reduce the amount of the expenses they pay if you go outside the network.

California health insurance is reasonable

By: Theodoreroosevelt
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California health insurance is reasonable