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Buying A New Car - Where To Buy Your New Car? by:Seamus Cooley

Buying A New Car - Where To Buy Your New Car? by:Seamus Cooley

When it comes to the important decision on where to buy your next new car you have

wide variety of choices and options which you can choose from in an ever increasing highly competitive market. For the new car buyer, there are numerous options available to you when it comes to buying your new car which includes, franchised dealers, brokers, car supermarkets, importers and also the internet. A larger choice means increased competition and better prices to name a few advantages.

However, given all of these many options available to you, a very important question which you might and probably should ask yourself is - where's the best place to buy?

To help you make the correct choice and the best decision when buying your new car, we provide some of the pros and cons of the main options which are available to you

Buying a car from franchised dealersBuying A New Car - Where To Buy Your New Car? by:Seamus Cooley

One of the main advantages of choosing a franchise dealer is that because they have a close relationship with the new car manufacturer, they will know more about the new cars and models they're selling than an independent dealer would. However, with this route, you are likely to have to pay more as prices are generally higher, so don't forget to haggle to get a good deal.


1) You can order the exact required car specification

2) They will have the widest selection of new cars to look at and test-drive

3) They will be the first to have the latest new car models available

You should be able to easily part exchange your old used car

Full workshop facilities would be available for after-sales support.


1) Can be quite expensive - so don't forget to haggle to get a good deal on your new car

2) Part-exchange value would be better selling your used car privately

Buying a car from a Uk broker

Car brokers source new cars from the franchised dealers available, and also use their bulk-buying power to secure greater discounts, and therefore, passing on a percentage of these discounts to you, the final consumer. However, there are several things you should be aware of when deciding on going through a broker:-


1) It's relatively easy to compare prices and specs of any new cars sourced

2) Huge savings can be obtained over main car dealer prices due to great deals

3) Order the exact specification and car you require

4) The best deals they can get will be very hard for you to match on your own

5) Many different makes and models available for you to choose from


1) A lot of brokers don't offer part-exchange for your old car

2) Delivery schedules and charges can be different

3) Limited personal contact and no test drives

Buying a car from a car supermarket

In today's ever increasing competitive market car supermarkets are among the largest suppliers of new, nearly new, used cars and light commercial vehicles in the UK. Car Supermarkets offer a huge selection of new cars at un-beatable prices, saving you 's off main dealer forecourt prices. You can always view the new car before you purchase, but you have to be fast as stock turnover is remarkably fast.


1) A lot of them offer car finance packages and also to suit your individual needs

2) You can normally drive the new car away the same day

3) They offer extremely competitive prices and terms - compared with main car dealers

4) They have huge numbers of makes and models on one site


1) Buying a new car may be an import

2) Customer service in most cases can be better

3) The selection is determined by on what's in stock and may be limited in terms of what you're looking for

Buying a car from import agents

You could save thousands of pounds by getting in touch with some foreign dealers directly. A lot of new cars are still much cheaper in some continental countries than in the UK. An import agent can be used to make the whole process alot more efficient and easier for you. Also these import agents are experts in obtaining huge discounts which can be passed on to consumers.


1) Deliver to your door for your convenience

2) Huge discounts from other EU countries can be obtained

3)less hassle and problems on paperwork, negotiation and collection as they will be sorted for you


1) Large deposit usually required before confirming delivery date

2) The import process can be quite lengthy and delivery times can also be long

3) Comparing prices is difficult as currency fluctuations vary across countries

Given the above information and advice, you should now be able to make a better and more accurate decision on where to buy your next new car. You should carefully consider the above pros and cons available to you and the alternative options at your disposal before choosing where to buy your new car as you could save alot of time, effort and money by making the right choice.

Good Luck!

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Buying A New Car - Where To Buy Your New Car? by:Seamus Cooley