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Buy Sindoor For Symbol Of Marriage

Buy Sindoor For Symbol Of Marriage

Since India is land of culture and tradition each ritual that is performed during the wedding has religious and symbolic importance

. It is the true reflection of the values and sentiments that are carried since ages.

Taking it further every ritual that is performed in marriage is as sacred as the god and goddess. From set up to the dress of the groom and bride everything is religiously inspired. Sindoor is the most important element of Hindu weddings. Different regions have Sindoor of different colours.

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Sindoor is considered symbol of marriage. Once the groom puts the Sindoor in the forehead during the wedding ritual both groom and bride are considered couple. It is the most significant feature that differentiates married women from unmarried girl.

The beauty of the Indian women is enhanced to a large extent with Sindoor. The red mark on the forehead is pride of Indian married women. Red is considered symbol of happiness, love, power, honor and marriage.

In the earlier times Sindoor was in powder form. But with changing fashion trend modern style of Sindoor are also made available. These include stick, liquid and semi solid in nature. It is customary for every married women to wear Sindoor. More the length of the Sindoor more is the life of the husband. Darker the red colour of the Sindoor more auspicious it is considered.

The tradition of wearing Sindoor is more than 5.000 years old according to the Hindu culture. There has been evidences in Harappan, Baluchistan and Mehrgarh where women can be seen wearing Sindoor in the partition of their forehead. Importance of Sindoor is also mentioned in Vedas and Puranas.

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