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Burial Insurance - Plans For Parents

Burial Insurance - Plans For Parents

If you are considering burial insurance for parents then there are a few things to consider

. Increasing costs of funerals have made them very expensive. It may be a good idea to check out the costs of funerals in your area or the area where your parents live. Variation in city, county or state laws can have an effect on funerals. The Federal Trade Commission requires funeral homes to provide written price lists of their services. A quick glance at these lists can give you an idea as to the cost of a funeral. It should be realized though that many funeral homes do not guarantee that their prices will not increase over time.

Cost of a plot in a cemetery is another consideration when buying burial insurance for parents. You should also check with the cemetery what recourse is actually available should the cemetery default or if it fills up. Cancellation terms may also be a concern when speaking with the cemetery manager. As with any contracts it is important to examine the documents carefully before deciding. Many states offer a "free look" law that allows you to examine the terms of a contract before deciding whether or not to sign it.

One concern amongst couples with young children is not having money for emergencies that occur. If one of their parents should die, the excessive costs of a funeral can take away any type of savings they have set aside for emergencies with their children. While we all want our parents to have the best funerals we can give them we do not want our kids to suffer for it either. For this reason and many others many people consider burial insurance for parents. These kinds of policies can cover the costs of a funeral and burial.

Burial insurance for parents is a type of whole life insurance available for insuring you can give your parents the funeral they deserve. These types of insurance are often available with no medical examination and cannot be canceled because of age. Unlike term life insurance these policies do not expire after a set amount of time. They often have a set premium which does not increase while the benefits do not decrease. It is important to note that because there is higher risk with elderly the insurance premiums can be higher. These policies also carry a cash value which can, in an emergency, be borrowed against.

Burial Insurance - Plans For Parents

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