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Building Your First Wooden Boat? New Skills You Will Learn

Building Your First Wooden Boat? New Skills You Will Learn

Building your own boat is an enjoyable activity that has an wonderful outcome: a new boat for you and family and friends to enjoy

. But there is more to boat building than just the end product. As with any new hobby, building your first boat will allow you to acquire a variety of new and interesting skills.

Here are some of the great skills you will learn (or learn more about) as you work on your first boat:

1) How to train your eye to see a smooth curve. Sometimes called the "rack of eye" skill, or "fairing", this is a skill that is nearly impossible to learn without actually building your own boat, and one that is crucial to creating beautiful boats.

2) Ropework. You will need to learn about ropework in order to both use and build your boat. This includes learning how to create secure knots, lashing techniques, sewing, and fitting.

3) Carpentry. You may already have some basic carpentry skills, but building your own boat will definitely improve on these skills and teach you new ones in the process. This includes everything from learning how to plane and frame, to mortise and tenon, pegging and notching carpentry techniques.

4) How to bend wood. There are a wide variety of wood manipulation skills you will learn and be amazed by when building your own boat. Most people never imagine that wood can be bent and transformed in the ways required by many boat building plans.

5) Wood finishing techniques. For most boats, an important part of the plans is learning how to sand, oil and coat the boat properly and apply UV protection is important to ensure your boat lasts for years to come.

You will also develop an important element of confidence after completing your first boat building project, which will help you as you move forward on larger and more challenging boat projects in the future.

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