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Building Block Is Suitable Toy For Children To Get Pleasure

Building Block Is Suitable Toy For Children To Get Pleasure

When babies are six months old, they like to taste the building blocks with their mouths

. They bite the building blocks and even suck them. It seems that the taste of building blocks like the taste of nursing bottle. In addition, beating building blocks and hold them tightly are also the playing ways they like to play.

When babies are 12 months old, they have the new discovery, which is hit two building blocks together and hear the sounds. Besides, they also like to create some amazing and annoying behaviours. For example, they push the building blocks building which you had just built. When the building fallsdown, there is uncanny smile on their face, it seems that how strong I am.

When kids are 18 months old, they bebin to show building blocks performances, they use their ability and understand on the balance force to build these building blocks. For example, they put two or three building blocks together, which is not too tall. In order to create high-rise buildings, they begin to put other building blocks on the existing building.

When kids are two years old, the building buit by them becomes more an more taller, and their understand on the balance force and coordination capacity also become better and better. During this time, they can put four and even seven building blocks together. In addition, they have the ability to classify building blocks according to different shapes and different colors. What's more, they can distinguish some special shape of building blocks such as ship type, vehicle type and animal type.

When kids are three years old, they can make use of building blocks to build more and more buildings with different shapes. As usual, they finish this task with their wild imagination and creative ability. For example, they can build castles, bridges and tunnel, all of which are the ture model in the real world. Therefore, as parents, you should always take them outdoor and see the outside world, which can provide some material for them.

When buying building blocks for children to play, parents should choose the top quality building blocks, which are made from hard wood such as maple and beech, because these wood are not easily cracked when using for long time. In addition, kids playing with building blocks should be under the supervision by parents because sometimes they use these hard building blocks as a weapon to hurt themselves or attack other people.

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Building Block Is Suitable Toy For Children To Get Pleasure