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Breast Surgery: Your Quick Guide To Various Types Of Incisions

One of the most important decisions you'll make before your breast surgery is where to put the incisions

. Your doctor has a number of options about where to place them. The location will determine how visible the scars are, as well as how easy the operation will be for the doctor. Without going into too much detail here, let's look at the basic types of breast surgery incisions, and what they mean to you.

The Inframammary Incision

This is the most common type of surgery incisions. It's made where the chest meets the breasts, usually under the breasts in the natural crease. Its scars will be somewhat visible if people look closely enough. The doctor can place them so that they're less obvious.

The main advantage, and the reason why they're so popular, is that these are the easiest incisions for the surgeon to work with. They offer lots of flexibility about what can be done underneath, and the greatest ease for the doctor. These are usually used for simple implants.

The Nipple Incision

This type of made around the areola of the nipple. Usually, it's made where the skin pigment changes color. Because it's placed in this spot, the scars are nearly invisible. It takes a really close look for someone to see them.

While this type is best for women who don't want the world to know they've had breast surgery done, it offers some disadvantages that could be potentially serious. For one thing, this cut can disconnect nerves from the nipple.

This means that you'll no longer have feeling in that nipple. This is a possible complication, and it is rare, but it's something to think about. Nipple incisions can also affect future breast feeding, so it's something you should talk to your surgeon about.

The Armpit Incision

Another option is to make the cut under the armpits. This conceals the scar well, since it is under the arms where it won't be easily seen. The only trouble is that it's not a suitable cut for every type of operation.

In recent years, this method has been gaining popularity because of endoscopic breast surgery. This is a type of procedure that is done on a small scale using cameras. The armpit is a great place for the doctor to get inside, and using remote cameras makes it easier to work this way.

The Navel Incision

One more option is to make the incision around the navel. Like the nipple incision, this means almost no visible scar at all, but it's not possible to do a navel cut for every patient. It's only suitable for saline implants, and only in certain cases.

Talk to your doctor about what options there are, and what they'll mean in terms of scarring. Let them help you decide which type is best for your breast surgery.

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Breast Surgery: Your Quick Guide To Various Types Of Incisions