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Breast Surgery: How It Has Evolved Down The Ages

Are you concerned about undergoing boob surgery

? It should make you feel at ease to learn that bosom augmentation surgeries have been performed and perfected over a hundred years ago. There were many failures, and discoveries made in the early days of boob surgery but so much has been learned and now over 300,000 surgeries are performed annually and thousands of women enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of successful breast surgeries.

The first boobs surgery recorded was an augmentation performed by Vincenz Czerny in 1895. After removing a tumor from a woman's breast, he removed a benign growth the woman's back and attempted to implant it on chest to avoid asymmetry. In 1889, bosom augmentation was attempted again by injecting paraffin. This however led to infections and lumps would often form in the breast. By the 1920's, paraffin injections were finally discontinued. In the 1920's surgeons tried to implant fat from another part of the body, usually the bottocks or the belly. However, the body usually reabsorbed the fat leaving the breasts lopsided and full of lumps.The procedure was no longer performed after 1940.

During the 1950's polyvinyl sponges and sponges of other material were used as implants, however they would often shrink and harden within the year and were prone to infection. There might also be a possible link between these sponges and certain cancers that exist today. Many other materials were used as implants during the first half of the twentieth century including glass balls, ground rubber, ox cartilagem terylene wool, gutta-percha, polyethylene chips, polyethylene strips wound into a ball, and many more, none of which were successful.

In the 1960's surgeons began to inject silicone directly into the breast. This often caused hardening of the boobs as well infection and permanent inflammation in the form of silicone granulomas. Some of the complications were so severe that mastecomies were required. These disastrous complications caused silicone injections to be discontinued. In the 1960's the first silicone implants were developed and used in the United States. The first shells were prone to hardening and there were other problems associated with the silicone implants.

In 1982 the FDA order silicone off the market for cosmetic use claiming them to be too dangerous. Another boob surgery, reduction mammoplasty (boob reduction) had its start in 1980's as well and now has become one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. Boob surgeries continued to improve and the FDA approved the use of saline implants for cosmetic use in 1992. Technology continued to change and new designs improved the silicone implant enough so that the FDA reinstated it as safe for breast augmentation in 2006.

Today, boob surgeries are safer and more common than they have ever been before. There are many different options that have been tried and tested over time and when you find a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon you can be assured that you will be safe and taken care of.

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