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Breast Surgery: Here Is A Brief History

Have you ever wondered how it first occurred to people to put silicone gel into women's breasts

? Breast surgery has a long and interesting history going way back into the last century! Over the years, doctors have perfected their methods to give us the safe and effective procedure we have today.

The Dark Ages of Breast Surgery: In 1890, the first boob augmentation surgery was performed, using paraffin. If you know anything about paraffin, you know that it's highly flammable and terribly dangerous. Aren't you glad we have implants and saline these days? Although surgery was performed sometimes, it often produced infections and lumps, and that's why we don't use paraffin today.

There were actually lots of boob jobs in those early days. The early half of the 20th century saw doctors injecting just about anything they could into women's breasts to try and get bigger busts. Spongy materials of all sorts, cartilage and tissue from various animals and polyethylene were all used with horrible results. Interestingly, doctors made their first attempts to use fat for augmentation, but they didn't have the technology we have today and it was a failure.

The Early Days of Silicone: Silicone for boob procedure wasn't pioneered in Beverly Hills or Paris. It all started in Japan just after World War 2. Japanese prostitutes began having injections to super-size their busts for American GI's. These early attempts at implants were not always done in the most sterile environments and lots of operations were disastrous. Still, they were the first to discover the natural, life-like feeling that the material gives.

Enter Implants: The Japanese were the first to experiment with this, but they weren't able to perfect it. Injections were dangerous, and for this reason they were banned in the United States. American doctors wanted to use silicone because of its natural feel, so in 1961 they developed the first implants by filling gel sacks with silicone. These were similar to what we use today.

Since then, we've come a long way. Newer and better implants have been developed, as well as the saline alternative. Now, we can use fat from other parts of the body to boost breastage. This "autologous" method is still at the cutting edge of surgery technology.

In these days of high-tech innovation, breast procedure continues to evolve. Every year there are easier, safer and more realistic alternatives for women who want to boost their busts.

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Breast Surgery: Here Is A Brief History