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Breast Surgery: Breast Feeding After Breast And Nipple Surgeries

If you plan to get pregnant in the future and would like to feed your infant the

natural way then it is helpful to know that breast feeding is something you will still be able to do following a cosmetic procedure. To what extent you will be able to breast feed is dependent upon the kind of operation you had.

Of all of the breast surgeries, reduction affects the lactation of the mother's glands the most. However having an augmentation, lift, a nipple surgery or diagnostic surgery can lessen the percentage of milk a new mom is able to produce.

There are a variety of factors that affect how much milk a woman can make following reduction or other type of nipple operations. The shape of the nerves plays a vital role as does the condition that her milk ducts are in. The good news is that both the nerves and the ducts are able to regenerate by way of processes known as recanalization and reinnervation.

It is important to remember why a reduction mammoplasty is done in the first place. The patient of such a procedure will desire to have her nipple and her areola raised to a higher position on the bosom-one that is more pleasing to her overall appearance.

In this case excess skin may have to be taken away from the body or redraped as the doctor sees fits. In order for the weight and mass of the breast to be reduced some fat will have to be removed as well as glandular tissue.

This surgical procedure is designed in such a way that any excesses are removed or lessened but at the same time the tissue is left as intact as possible and is replete with natural sensation and a healthy supply of blood. The specialist will do everything in his or her power to maintain the proper function of the breast as well as to make sure the ducts, glands and nipples all continue to work as nature intended.

As long as the surgical reduction does not damage nerves or any essential parts connected to milk production, feeding should be within your ability. If a problem does arise or damage is done then providing milk for your newborn in this manner might be difficult or downright impossible.

If your nipple and areola remain connected to the tissue that lies beneath them then being able to nurse might be very plausible for you. On the other hand if one of your nipples was taken off and then put back on a breast that was reconstructed, your milk flow could be reduced. You might also experience less sensation in your nipple area.

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