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Breast Sag

Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural process that happens to all women at some point in time except those with fairly small breasts

. Women of different ages experience sagging and the question most of them ask is what they can do to prevent or correct sagging. Many women following childbirth, weight loss or through aging have found their breast sagging and developing loose skin. A popular and common procedure for getting firm breasts has been to undergo surgery for breast implants.

A primary cause of sagging breasts is due to lack of hydration or elasticity of the tissue. Naturally enhancing creams can improve collagen and elastin production, while firming tissue - giving the bust line a perky, smooth appearance and feel. To determine if you have a truly ptotic breast you would need to get the recommendations of a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Through a physical exam and measurements, the surgeon could then give you accurate information in regards to your own unique situation. Most women with small breasts prefer not to wear bras when they exercise. However, some women with large breasts may need them to feel more comfortable. If a woman wants to wear a bra, she should choose one that is loose enough to let her breathe comfortably, and tight enough to keep the breasts from bouncing and the bra from riding up or twisting during exercise.

Active ingredients such as Bio-Bustyl, Emu Oil and Hyaluronic Acid have been shown to help smooth skin tone, reduce wrinkles and sagging and improve much needed moisture. Moisture and hydration help to improve cellular turnover and can lead to healthier skin rejuvenation. This is more of a problem to women, for obvious reasons, but some men have this issue also. The muscle that underlies the breast is called the pectoral, and if you bring up your pectorals you can counter this sag.

The purpose of your bra is to provide support, comfort and keep the breast from being damaged. You'll note that not a word was said about preventing sagging. This is because the act of holding the breast in cups doesn't do anything to keep the Cooper's ligaments from stretching. The breasts' anatomy and physiology gives us the most solid basis of explanation about the structure of breasts and the possible ways this can be affected. There is a muscular layer over which the gland stands being constituted by tubular elements, connective tissue and fat, covered by the skin. Breast ptosis is defined by where the nipple sits relative to the lower crease or inframammary fold. (where the underside of the breast meets the rib cage) In a normal youthful breast, the nipple and the entire mound sit above the lower crease.

These pills are made from natural herbs and have natural ingredients that have the ability to metabolize the female hormones so that the breast size increases naturally. Sit in a straight-backed chair and keep the shoulders blades pulled back and down. The thighs should be parallel to the floor and both feet should rest on the floor. Some women have tried dangerous, unnatural procedures and treatments to enhance their breastsoften not getting the results they wanted and exposing themselves to potentially dangerous consequences.

by: raina hayden
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Breast Sag