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Breast Reduction: Get An Idea Of What Occurs During The Operation

Many women are unhappy with their breasts as they age

. Pregnancy and overall weight gain are also occurrences that can cause issues with the size, shape, and placement of the breasts. When they become unexpectedly large, they are often not as shapely as they used to be, which is why many women now turn to breast reduction. Find out what happens during this procedure.

You may have several problems with your chest besides the simple fact that you do not like its appearance. You may have back and neck aches, indentations from your bra, a rash under the folds of your breasts, and general discomfort due to both the physical pain and unwanted attention because of them.

Any of these issues may mean that it is time for breast reduction surgery. Once you locate a doctor that you trust, you should learn what to expect during the surgery.

The doctor will make a few small incisions near the areola, as well as near the crease under the breasts. The next step is to reduce the size of the areola, which is then moved with the nipple to a higher location on the chest, since many women report that their nipples are too low before this procedure.

Fat and extra skin are then trimmed, depending on how much you want removed. The desired size of the chest should be decided at the initial consultation before surgery.

You can expect to go home wearing a surgical bra and a lot of gauze to help you heal. Typically, you can return to work or other daily activities after a few days of rest, but you should not lift anything heavy for about a month. You might feel numbness in your nipples after breast reduction, but it should go away within about two months.

However, occasionally patients never recover sensitivity in that area. You will also probably feel some shooting pains and random aches while you heal completely over the next few months. However, bleeding and severe pain are not normal.

Unlike many other types of surgeries involving the breasts, breast reduction is typically covered by insurance. You just have to prove that you will be medically better off getting the procedure, so you will likely have to go to a general doctor and get documentation to submit to the company.

Aside from getting the expenses covered before the procedure, learning what happens during the operation and what to expect afterward is recommended.

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Breast Reduction: Get An Idea Of What Occurs During The Operation