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Breast Lift: Ways To Get It Naturally

Many women develop the condition of sagging breasts yet don't want to subject themselves to a breast lift

. There are other more natural options that they can try in order to avoid an elective surgical procedure. Diet, exercise, a good bra and massage can all have a positive impact on breasts.

It is a surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon. The medical name for this operation is a mastopexy. During a mastopexy, a plastic surgeon will make an incision below the nipple and areola area and sometimes beneath the crease under the breast, as well. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and takes approximately two to three hours to accomplish.

Some women are reluctant to have surgery performed on their bodies due to pain, scarring and the cost of the procedure. Compared to other surgical procedures, mastopexy is fairly common and does not result in substantial pain. There will be some scarring, but this fades greatly over time. A limited budget often doesn't have room for elective cosmetic procedures, but many surgeons offer payment plans that help to accommodate this concern. Still, there are other options for the surgically adverse that may offer satisfactory results.

The number one step to take is to maintain a healthy weight by eating a nutritious low fat diet and getting adequate exercise. One of the causes of stretched breast tissue is weight gain and loss over time combined with loss of skin elasticity.

If one maintains a relatively constant body weight, the skin will not need to stretch and bounce back which results in sagging. Another proactive step to take is to wear an adequately supportive and well fitting bra. Having good support will keep the breasts from bouncing up and down and stretching out. An excellent bra is an investment in keeping one's breasts uplifted.

Even though breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue, glands and skin there are still underlying muscles which affect the drooping of the bustline. Strength building exercises, resistance weights, pushups and yoga all keep the chest muscles toned and, in turn, keep the breasts more youthful looking.

Breast massage, especially when combined with tightening creams and lotions have shown some degree of help in firming tissue. A breast massage may be performed by gently kneading the tissue both clockwise and counter-clockwise two or three times per week. If you are determined to lift your breasts in a natural alternative to surgery, try the above mentioned techniques for an uplifting result.

by: Abigail Aaronson
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Breast Lift: Ways To Get It Naturally