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Breast Cancer Facts Statistics

Author: Sunil Tanna

Some foods in these categories have particular benefit and we will explore them in this article. Breast Cancer Facts Statistics 1. A cancer researcher has found that the higher the amount of selenium in the blood, the lower the rate of cancer. Garlic is an excellent source of selenium along with whole grains. 2. Whole wheat is helpful in preventing cancer of the small intestine and colon. It speeds up the passage of fecal material through the intestines, thus reducing exposure to cancer causing agents. 3. Seeds may lower the risk of certain types of cancer as well. They contain specific enzymes that have cancer fighting properties. This is an important food group to be included in this type of diet. 4. Studies show that vegetables in the cabbage family such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and mustard greens can impede the growth of cancer and help prevent cancers of the colon and rectum.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here 5. Raw carrot juice is a natural solvent for cancer. Juicing this vegetable daily is recommended and is an extremely valuable addition to the right kind of diet. 6. Add parsley to your salads. It is a good source of a nutrient called histidine. This is an amino acid which impedes the development of cancer. 7. Tahitian Noni Juice is a nutrient rich superfood that can be very advantageous to cancer patients. A note of caution should be mentioned here. There have been rare reports of noni juice causing liver damage, so don't consume more than 3-4 ounces per day. Cancer patients with liver damage should not take this juice. Adding the above foods to your cancer diet will be advantageous to anyone afflicted with this disease.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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