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Braun Series 7 790cc & 760cc - Comparison and Differences

Braun Series 7 790cc & 760cc - Comparison and Differences

There are two common versions of the Braun Series 7 shaver in the USA

. The 790cc itself which has all the bells and whistles, and the 760cc.

There are not too many differences between these models in that basically they both utilize the same shaver technology, but the 760cc is missing certain features that you might value having. So let us examine what these differences are.

The differences between the 790cc and the 760cc

The main difference between the 790cc and 760cc is that rather the 760cc's display panel is not as useful as the 790ccs panel.
Braun Series 7 790cc & 760cc - Comparison and Differences

The 790cc's display panel provides detailed information on the level of battery charge remaining in the rechargeable battery. It does this by displaying up to six blocks on the left side of its display panel to represent a fully charged battery. As the charge depletes, so do the number of blocks that are lit up. This is useful for telling you how much of the 50 minute charge capacity is left in your shaver. On the right hand side are another six blocks representing the hygiene level of the shaver. The clean and renew unit will select an appropriate clean program to restore the shaver to full hygiene level, and this indicator is useful to tell you which cleaning program eco, normal or intensive the shaver is likely to run, or in other words how long you will need to leave the shaver in the cleaning unit for.

The 760cc's display panel only has three indicator blocks that only represent how much battery charge is left in the battery, representing high, mid and low battery charge levels.

The 760cc also lacks a fast clean option on the accompanying Clean and Renew unit. This is a quick 25 second power clean designed to quickly flush out debris when you need your shaver cleaned quickly before a shave. You would not need this feature if you remember to clean the shaver after use anyway, but it might be a feature you may like to have just in case. Other than these two things, another difference of lesser significance is in cosmetic appearance. The 790cc is colored with a mixture of a silver main frame and dark blue accent, whereas the 760cc is silver with a grey accent.

At the time of writing, the difference in price between these two shavers is rather negligible, as the 760cc can be purchased for $204.99, while the 790cc is just $15 more at $219.99. So, as you are spending over $200 anyway, the question is whether you feel that you might as well get the top end model and have all the features for just an extra $15 more.

For a superior shave, buy your Braun Series 7 790cc or 760cc today.

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Braun Series 7 790cc & 760cc - Comparison and Differences

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