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Body Contouring: A Method To Get Rid Of The Excess Skin

Body Contouring: A Method To Get Rid Of The Excess Skin

Obesity has become a major problem in the US. For those who have worked hard to get the weight off (including lots of blood, sweat, and tears!), there is still one problem. You are left with saggy skin and tissue, and you may find that they're even harder to get rid of than the fat was!

Now, there's an easy solution to get rid of those nasty reminders, and it is called body lift. Also known as body contouring or sculpting, this involves plastic surgery. The idea is to reshape each part to make them perfect. You can get the shape that you want with contouring.

The procedure is excellent for fixing the problems caused by extreme weight loss. After losing 30 pounds or more, you are left with sagging flesh and tissue all over as evidence that you once were overweight. Liposuction doesn't work here because it targets the extra fat only.

This procedure targets all the extra fat tissue and saggy skin. Getting a lift is also a good step for women recovering after pregnancy. After giving birth, you will find yourself with the same problems as those who have lost lots of weight at once.Body Contouring: A Method To Get Rid Of The Excess Skin

Actually, a body lift is not a single operation, but a "course" of minor plastic surgery procedures. This usually includes a tummy tuck, arm lift, liposuction, torsoplasty, inner thigh work, and any number of other small operations. Your plastic surgeon will take a look at you and decide which course of action is best for you.

Each procedure is custom-tailored to meet the patient's needs. Usually the stomach is the main area the surgeon decides to target. This is where you will find the most leftover tissue after an extreme weight loss or pregnancy. A minor shifting of tissue and liposuction under the belly button will get your belly back to normal.

In some cases, the doctor might suggest doing a small facial rejuvenation procedure. This is good, especially for older patients, whose face naturally sags because of the aging process. This will round out your whole appearance so that you look totally natural.

With a body lift, there is some general anesthesia used, and it is mostly an outpatient procedure so that you can get back into your routine as quickly as possible. However, recovery from this surgery is one of the longest and toughest processes compared to other plastic surgery procedures. This is because it involves many surgeries.

You should plan to be out of commission for a while. There may be scars, tubes, drains and some pain, and discomfort. Talk to your doctor during the consultation about what to expect. But, the end result is a new you!

You can finally look just the way you want to. The weight is off, and the skin is tight around every part. Shop around for plastic surgeons, and go in for a free consultation if you think you could benefit from a body lift. Wait for the new "you".

by: Abigail Aaronson
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