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Boat Insurance - Removing The Stress

Boat Insurance - Removing The Stress

Boating is a sport or a pastime that all we sailors enjoy

. So I'm sure that, like me, you don't find it fun spending your time messing with the legal complexity of boat insurance when you would rather be out on the water or planning your next trip or passage.

Nevertheless, a different perspective quickly crops up for those thousands of people who are involved in boating accidents every year. Despite that fact that boat insurance is not mandatory in many states there are frequently local rules, such as when you are in a dock or have a loan covering the boat's purchase, when insurance becomes necessary. And this is no accident (geddit?) as the governing bodies know that insurance protects your property, you and your crew and any third parties who may be involved in a marine incident.

So, just like any property, your boat needs to be protected physically and financially. Having your boat properly insured, therefore, makes good sense - regardless of local rules, regulations or laws. As a sailor you are aware of the skills and the challenge presented by boating; after all that's one of the main reasons we do it. No matter how experienced you are sometimes things happen outside your control that can cause injury or damage and that is where your marine boat insurance comes to the financial rescue.

When one or more parties are involved in an accident on the water, the results - if not outright tragic -can be time consuming and expensive. As a marine boat insurance policy holder you will know that, in the event of a claim, there are experienced people who can assist in sorting out the financial side of the claim so making your life much easier than it would have been. You use your boating skills so that you should never need to make that claim call; but if you do then you will know, because of the effort you put into selecting the policy, that you will get the help you need.
Boat Insurance - Removing The Stress

When most, if not all, of those involved in the accident are covered by insurance, the result is beneficial for everybody. The time it takes to rebuild and set things right is reduced, and the personal expense required to cover the costs of damage is lowered dramatically.

You may think that smaller boats, like dinghies, jet skis and canoes do not need insurance. Wrong. Even for the most careful and seasoned sailor accidents can happen. People slip, boats bang into one another, bits break, winds and water flows are variable and sometime have an irresistible force. So you can see that getting small boat insurance is as wise as insuring a bigger boat.. Additionally, insurance is always mandatory for racing dinghies.

The danger is not over after you have packed up your boat and headed home - even in a dock accidents can occur caused by others - but you may be left to pick up the pieces.

Don't leave it too late - it is game over once the accident has happened. Be a wise sailor, get that peace of mind from having adequate insurance cover.

To Your Boating Enjoyment!

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