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Trends In Boat Shoes

Trends In Boat ShoesMake a splash on the fashion scene this season in ultra cool boat shoes. These shoes go a long way in comfort and style. Right for just about any occasion boat shoes are what the hippest people are wearing. Key into the latest trends in boat shoes and don't let the fashion ship sale off without you.Boat shoes are ideal for those who are in for comfort without losing out on style.' The design of Boat shoes allows for them to be used as...more

Sailing into a New Technology Decade

Sailing into a New Technology DecadeAuthor: Catherine ColoffThe year 2000 doesn’t seem that long ago.  With the turn of the century, many businesses and IT professionals were focused on “Y2K” which turned out to be no big deal.  In 2000, the iPod did not exist, Windows ME (Millennium Edition) was released, and Mac OS 9 was still Apple’s standard.  Throughout the decade a number of events continued to cement technology into our day-to-day existence.  Let’s take a...more

Inflatable Boat Safety is Essential

Inflatable Boat Safety is EssentialAuthor: Outdoor Leisure DirectInflatable Boat Safety is Essential Boating safety may seem like a nuisance or too much extra hassle. After all, boating is supposed to be fun, right? Boating safety is not rocket science, and if you exercise common sense and do some planning ahead of your boating excursion, you should be able to have safe boating experience. The reality is that, generally speaking, most folk that are preparing for a day out on the water forget this and do not tend to focus on the safety issues at all.Knowing and following proper inflatable boat safety protocols is not only a good idea, it is essential to your continued enjoyment of the boat and might just save you from injury or death. What safety concerns might you have? How do you ensure that you are following the right safety techniques? Here, you will find a wide range of concerns that are vital to inflatable boat and inflatable kayak safety.The good news is that boating accidents and fatalities have been on the decline over the last twenty years.Accidents involving Personal Watercraft have almost doubled in the last few years. Accident risks multiply at busy times such as July 4th weekend, when recreational...more

Trader Boats

Trader BoatsSpace and privacy is essential when spending long periods of time away from home, so Trader cabins are situated aft. Full beam designs, walk round beds, generous en-suites and full-size wardrobes, means your Trader can offer a true home from home.As the number one motor yacht brand in the UK, and over 500 vessels sailing the world's waters, Trader is a formidable force in the marine world...more

Helm seats- Choosing the Right One for your Boat

Helm seats- Choosing the Right One for your BoatAuthor: Jessica ThomsonIf you are a sea sports enthusiast or anybody concerned with the marine job, marine products are very essential for you. In addition to all these products, boat seats are available in many varieties and known by different names.From cockpit chairs to fishing or fighting chairs, these are also known as the captain’s boat seats. The captain’s chair, which is more commonly...more

Sperry Boat Shoes - The Perfect Casual Shoe Adored By Many Americans

Sperry Boat Shoes - The Perfect Casual Shoe Adored By Many AmericansWhen it comes to an enduring style and a place in the hearts of many Americans, Sperry Boat Shoes are on the top of list when it comes to casual shoes. Sperry boat shoes evoke memories of an easier life where the biggest problem is deciding what time to take the boat out for sailing. But there are more reasons than that for why men and women have turned to Sperry boat shoes over the years. Read on to find out what they areSperry Boat Shoes Mean Style - How many shoes do you know of that have lasted for over 70 years? Probably not many. But one of those enduring styles of shoes are the Sperry Boat shoes. You can't go wrong wearing these while going out to a nice dinner if paired with the right jeans. And you'll look totally in place when you're on a boat. It's hard to replicate this cool and casual style with so many other shoes that seem to try too hard. For Sperry Boat shoes, it's just effortless.Sperry Boat Shoes Are Enduring - These shoes aren't designed just to make money. They're designed so that they can put up with the conditions on a boat and to perform well in a variety of conditions. The amount of attention that goes into making them is...more

What Is A Dory Boat And How Can You Get One?

What Is A Dory Boat And How Can You Get One?A dory boat is a boat steeped with history. A popular wooden fishing vessel in Newfoundland and parts of the United States in the 19th and 20th century, dory boats are still an important boat for modern day fisherman and wooden boat enthusiasts. Dory boats are built to be able to hand both rough...more

How to paint your boat

How to paint your boatAuthor: Simon WhiteThe aim of good surface preparation is to ensure maximum bond. This will ensure high performance and a long lasting finish. While preparation methods vary, the requirements are the same; to remove corrosion products, such as rust any soluble materials like sea salt, and any...more

Backpacking Europe Guide: Tips To Make Your Trip Smooth Sailing

Backpacking Europe Guide: Tips To Make Your Trip Smooth SailingBackpacking Europe will be one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime but without some form of planning, it could go from being a spontaneous adventure to a disorganized nightmare. You may be the kind of person who likes to do things without much planning but an extended trip to Europe does...more

Charter A Boat In Newport Beach For A Perfect Wedding

Charter A Boat In Newport Beach For A Perfect WeddingNewport Beach Yacht Weddings offer a unique and imaginative alternative to the usual catering hall, restaurant, and food-banquet style weddings. Once aboard your own private luxury yacht your guests enter a world that is usually reserved only for the rich and famous. Luxury surrounds you as you...more

Boat Part Basics You Should Know

Boat Part Basics You Should KnowIf youre thinking about purchasing a boat, but youre not that savvy when it comes to marine and automotive mechanics, it might be helpful to learn about a few parts. If you experience problems with your new boat or yacht, you might have a harder time pinpointing the issue than you might with your...more

Are You Thinking Of Buying Boat Shoes?

Are You Thinking Of Buying Boat Shoes?Considering buying boat shoes? Well, you should be glad to read this article for very important ideas. Indeed, one can't overlook the ever increasing popularity of these shoes. Aside this, they are also noted for their efficiency when it come to usage for on or off the boat. A little bit of...more

Boat Rod Holders Find The Boat Rod Holders & Fishing Rod Holders

Boat Rod Holders  Find The Boat Rod Holders & Fishing Rod HoldersWe are sure all the serious tacklers agree that boat rod holders are very necessary and very tricky, and here’s why. For a serious fisherman or for those fishing solo, it becomes the fifth limb when the line is cast and the boat needs attention. While for people who like fishing for leisure...more

Duck Hunting Boats And Boat Plans

Duck Hunting Boats And Boat PlansAuthor: Doreen MurgatroydDuck hunting is a relaxing and gratifying way to enjoy the outdoors. Being successful requires real patience, to be still and quiet waiting for the ducks to touch down, a good eye for that shot and invariably, persistence in dismissing the sometimes seeping cold.   Great...more
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