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Bird Care - How And What To Feed A Baby Bird

Bird Care - How And What To Feed A Baby Bird

There are several occasions wherein you come across a baby bird lying on your yard

, the park or while youre running a trail. Normally, we tend to feel sorry for the bird. For kids, their usual reaction would probably be to grab the bird and show it to you immediately. Caring for a baby bird requires attention and a lot of work. This includes providing shelter or home and a complete understanding on what to feed a baby bird.

Knowing what to feed a baby bird is very important. This is because of the fact that about 90% of all hand-raised birds die even with adequate care. In cases like these, it is important for you to remember a few things to prevent the bird from dying.

What to feed a baby bird?

For the first few days, the baby bird might only feed on sugar bread. They can also try nibbling on pieces of cat or dog food. Remember to soak what to feed a baby bird in water. This makes it easier for them to munch on the feeds. You can also combine these foods altogether with egg yolk and even baby cereal. This provides the baby bird the much needed nutrition for it to grow healthy and strong.Bird Care - How And What To Feed A Baby Bird

How to feed them?

Just like human babies, a baby bird cannot feed on its own at first. Youll need to hand-feed them. This is usually done during the day every 30 to 60 minutes.

Weaning the baby bird

When it gapes, place the food at the back of the baby birds mouth. For initial feedings, the frequency is every 15 minutes and this is done during daylight hours.

Once the baby bird is able to move around by itself, this is the right time to start weaning it from hand-feeding. By placing bird seeds or small pieces of food in front of them, then allow it to be more independent in picking up the food particles.


Knowing what to feed a baby bird is simply not enough. The bird also needs to be hydrated because it probably is dehydrated the first time you found it. This is the main reason why you need to soak the feeds in water. And since you cannot put liquids inside the baby birds mouth, this is the best way to provide them water.

Now that youve understood what to feed a baby bird, when its all grown up, all you need to learn is how to let it go.Most birds scoop water through their beaks but since the baby bird is too young to do so, this is by far, the best approach.

It may be difficult at first since youve grown fond of it. However, after a little while, hopefully it can start flapping its wings. Initially, you have to let it fly indoors just to prevent it from getting injured outside. And once it has learned how, thats one sure sign to release the baby bird back in the wild.

by: Rose Rykowsky
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Bird Care - How And What To Feed A Baby Bird