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Big Gold Teeth Crusher Hammers Introduction

Big Gold Teeth Crusher Hammers Introduction

High manganese steel Big Gold Teeth crusher hammers manufactured by Zhengzhou Dingsheng

Wear-resistant Materials Technology Co.,Ltd adopts the following technologies:

1) alloying method by adding alloying elements such as Vanadium, Molybdenum, Titanium etc. into ordinary manganese steel;

2) rare earth modification treatment on the basis of high manganese materials, with Niobium and Vanadium to strengthen the matrix;

3) the adoption of vacuum casting and directional solidification technology makes more refined grains and can prevent casting defect absolutely. The alloying, modification treatment and grain refinement improves the impact hardening speed and impact hardening hardness.

4) The average wear resistance is 50% higher than Mn13 and may resist the severe grinding abrasion, but its toughness corresponds to Mn13.

5)Compared to the similar products, Big Gold Teeth crusher hammers have the advantage of good comprehensive performance, high reliability, strong wear resistance and low price.

Big Gold Teeth Crusher Hammers Materials: High manganese steel, high chromium composite alloy, AMC tungsten titanium alloy composite materials.

Our company can manufacture crusher hammers of any model in any type, including Big Gold Teeth crusher hammers and Sandwich crusher hammers. Welcome to leave a message or call us to let us know your detailed requirements. We will provide you the perfect solution in time.

Crusher Hammers Features

1. Adopting external refining technology, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by harmful elements, impurity, hydrogen and oxygen, and has greatly enhanced the wear resistance and impact toughness.

2. The grain refinement and modification treatment with patent modificator has improved the carbide morphology and distribution, which will further improve the wear resistance and obdurability.

3. The optimized heat treatment makes the products even in hardness, with good resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock.

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Big Gold Teeth Crusher Hammers Introduction