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Best Way To Have A Boy Baby

Best Way To Have A Boy Baby

If they are been honest, most couples would prefer to have what is known as a "balanced" family-that is, one which consists of both boys and girls

. The family you have shape the whole future of your family and if there is a best way to have a boy baby, then why not? You will do no harm in trying to sway the odds naturally.

A quick look on the internet will reveal many tips and methods and this can be very confusing. However, it is important that you stay clear of any tips which rely on heresay or old wives tales and concentrate on tips which do have a scientific basis.

Male and female sperm have very different characteristics and we can exploit these to our advantage when looking at the best way to have a boy baby. Male sperm is smaller and faster than female sperm. It cannot live for as long as female sperm and is less robust. This might make you think that if it's just a race to the waiting egg, then the male sperm would win, right? Well, it's not as easy as that.

Timing intercourse is very important. To have a boy, you need to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible but you also need to consider the vaginal environment. Male sperm prefers an alkaline pH level and so using a mild alkaline douche can be beneficial. Also, eating foods which promote an alkaline environment, such as bananas, figs, baked potatoes, raisin, nuts and bran can really help.

Within the vagina itself, the pH levels can vary enormously, with the area around the cervix being favorable if you want to know the best way to have a boy baby. Therefore, positions which encourage deeper intercourse are best.

If you would like to see tried-and-tested, all-encompassing methods which will help you to conceive a boy baby, there is an excellent guide which is based on scientific rather than anecdotal principles. It includes all the information you need to successfully choose your baby's gender and has been proven to be 95% accurate.

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Best Way To Have A Boy Baby