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Best Tips On Getting Pregnant: Pregnancy Advice

Best Tips On Getting Pregnant: Pregnancy Advice

Pregnancy Tips

Expectant mothers rely eat well, look beautiful, and even going to the doctor and take different tests ...

It happened - you're pregnant! The greatest gift that could present a fate you got! Now much will change for you. And it's important to understand that at this point you are responsible not only for their lives, but for the life of a tiny miracle in you. Enjoy your pregnancy, but do not forget to register with the clinic. The achievements of modern medicine allow the baby to have a full, even those women who have serious health problems.

First Trimester
Best Tips On Getting Pregnant: Pregnancy Advice

You are at the beginning of a long road. Be registered in the antenatal you need at least to the 30th week to get exchange card - a kind of skipping the maternity hospital (the right to issue "exchange office" have paid a few centers).

The good doctor

Gynecologist should call your liking. Indeed, virtually all pregnant - very suspicious. And this time too much advice or word of encouragement can help you avoid a lot of trouble. You need to be honest with your doctor: not concealed from him their health problems, do not hesitate to ask "stupid" questions, ask again. Be sure to tell you about transferring operations from hereditary diseases, allergic reactions to medications and what medications you are taking before pregnancy. As many moms are lost at the reception, I recommend pre-record your questions on paper. Please be seated

Already on the first call your doctor may refer you for an ultrasound to check the terms and make sure that a fertilized egg is precisely in the womb. Alas, ectopic pregnancy - now common. Those at risk include women with inflammatory diseases of the urogenital area. Keep in mind that the obstetric weeks are counted from the date of last menstrual period and usually for two weeks "outperform" real term. That is, if you have an 8 obstetric weeks, your unborn child is 6 of weeks. Interestingly, the diagnosis of pregnancy, having a standard survey of women in the chair, the doctor may have a 5-6-week midwifery. Without a "visit" chairs can not do. The doctor should examine the cervix, take swab. An experienced doctor will be very careful during this procedure, and manipulation will not cause discomfort. It is possible that you will pass the next inspection only at the end of pregnancy. Today, doctors are trying to sit as little as possible of women in the family way to a gynecological chair. Practice shows that excessive interference often leads to infection of urogenital and increases the risk of miscarriage. After the chair offers the scales. By measuring your weight, your doctor will continue to push off of that figure, watching you "heavier." Gynecologist also formalize you bypass list and send to the eye doctor, endocrinologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, urologist, internist, Laura, dentist and cardiologist (you have to do an electrocardiogram (ECG) with a detailed transcript). When the bypass list are the signatures of all the doctors in the end put his primary care physician. Keep in mind that there are always women's consultation is in the building of the district health center. Plus get around all the doctors in one day often Utopia ... Sometimes, to make the EKG, need to get the voucher at the reception, and those "for today" can not be (better call back ahead and sign up for your convenience.) By the way, get to bypass the signature sheet urologist you do not get if you do not provide medical form with the data analysis of urine. Yes, of course, check in advance the schedule of doctors from which you must sign a bypass list, as some may work from morning to afternoon, while others - from lunch to evening. Unfortunately, all these formalities will take you a long time, so I have time off from work, or take a short vacation.

Blood offense

Many pregnant women complain that they are forced to be tested almost daily. Well this is certainly an exaggeration. Certainly have to take the blood, but on average 3-4 times for the entire pregnancy. The only exceptions are severe cases, when there is a risk of miscarriage or expectant mother very uncomfortable feeling. But even then, a fence is sufficient to check the blood for dozens of different diseases. Know that there is a minimum of tests that have to take the pregnant and who do prenatal free. The list - samples for HIV and Wasserman (syphilis), hepatitis B and C, as well as CBC. However, limited to this list is not necessary. All gynecologists strongly recommend you do (already paid) tests for various infections. These include tests for toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, genital herpes, urea-and mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus, and trichomoniasis. These tests you can take anywhere - in a laboratory close to work or to the area, but the skin-venereal dispensary. Some private clinics do them just for one day. Chances are, if you have something to discover retake tests need to be more than once, so the doctor can observe the dynamics of the behavior of the virus in the body. So we'll have to spend. If you still do not know their blood type and Rh factor, now is the time to find out. You Rh? Need to guard. In that case, check and Rh pope. If he has Rh-positive blood, and your baby has inherited her, between the mother and the child appears to Rh factor, sometimes leading to premature birth or hemolytic disease. The attending doctor must prescribe procedures to help avoid this. First and foremost, you will make a special vaccine immunoglobulin, which prevents the formation of antibodies that attack the baby's blood cells. In the first trimester also pass urinalysis and culture for staph.

Affairs of the heart

If you have no toxicity and other unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, you're in luck. But in this case, some women may not feel in the family way and not fully believe in what's inside them already hard at growing man. That's just for them to ultrasound in the first trimester - the most incredible, memorable and exciting moment. If the doctor will refer you for an ultrasound before (for suspected ectopic or missed abortion), the perfect term for it is 12.11 obstetric weeks of pregnancy. At this age the baby is formed not only the handle and legs, but all the vital organs, runs a tiny heart. Ask your doctor to show on the screen, how it beats! I bet that after seeing it, you will experience the feelings that still you were not familiar with.

However, the U.S. on this term, there are more prosaic task. The physician must assess the condition of the fetus. The data is used for the so-called triple test or screening aimed at detecting Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. Doctor with ultrasound measure the collar area baby. This indicator reveals the possible bias in its development. If it is more than normal (3 mm), it will take more research.

At the reception, a geneticist

Visit genetics recommend that women who have had repeated miscarriages or missed abortion. At risk ladies over 40, as well as those who were subjected to the harmful effects of X-rays, drugs, potent drugs. Geneticist will ask questions about the family, to eliminate the possibility of hereditary diseases, advise pass special tests of blood or saliva. The next study, which will offer you a doctor do - amniotsentoz (obtaining amniotic fluid and fetal cells for analysis) or horionbiopsiyu (taking the chorionic villi for research). Of course, you have the right to refuse these procedures, because many consider them unsafe.

Second trimester

The most fertile time for a pregnant woman. The belly is not too big. Toxicosis, as a rule, do not suffer. Very soon, the baby will have an easy pleasant kicked in the stomach. Need to visit the doctor once a month. Would have to take urine and blood samples, do ultrasound and so-called prenatal screening.

Boy or girl?

How to conceive a boy - Ultrasound in the second trimester (hold it for a period of 20-24 weeks) - is something special. It allows a good look at your litter, and you finally find out its gender. The whole process of ultrasound can take video or ask a specialist to write it to disk, print one of the photos. If the sex of the child could not be determined, do not do an ultrasound again. "Ultrasound does not need a great interest - experts recommend a leading metropolitan hospital" Isis. " - For all the pregnancy it is desirable to only 3-4. Modern medicine has no evidence that the intensity of the ultrasound treatment, used in diagnostic devices at the moment, Which can cause any harm to the fetus-and mother. However, you should still avoid repeated studies conducted without a deliberate prescription. " In the second trimester estimated amount of amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios or, alternatively, oligohydramnios equally not good for the mother). The specialist will also carefully examine the placenta, find out what part of the uterus is attached. If the placenta is too low, a woman may be told to go to save. Sometimes the placenta covers the mouth - in this case it is recommended to do C-section. It is worth to know that ultrasound can be different: two-, three-and four-dimensional. Usually the women make the first consultation is free.

Such an important screening

Between 14 to 20 weeks doctor prescribe certain blood test for total hCG, AFP and free estriol, which is also called the triple test. In no case do not eat before collecting blood - it should take strict fasting. According to test results, as well as ultrasound doctor will conclude whether or not the pregnancy pathology. It also will be screened. The word "screening", note, means "screening." In medicine, it is understood by conducting safety studies to identify risk of developing a particular disease. It is important to realize that the resulting figures may not indicate the presence of a specific disease, but only about the risk of its occurrence. Moreover, there were times when, based on prenatal screening, doctors diagnosed the child's development of deviation that is not really there.

Iron and sugar

Approximately 2-3% of pregnant women in developing so-called gestational diabetes. Therefore in the second trimester often take for sugar analysis. I hasten to reassure often after birth crumbs gestational diabetes goes away on its own. But the baby during pregnancy could harm it - because it will overwork the pancreas. Be sure to determine the level of hemoglobin and platelets. Women who have anemia, likely will register iron supplements. Why do I need to know the level of platelets? Because the average woman in labor loses about half a liter of blood. The level of platelets depends its clotting.

Third Trimester

Well, here you are in the home stretch. It remains only to consider non-integer to the long-awaited birth of your baby. Now, doctors have to attend antenatal clinic more often - once a week.

Perpetual motion
Best Tips On Getting Pregnant: Pregnancy Advice

At each visit the doctor will listen to your heart crumbs sprashi-pass tests are not a burden, if you know exactly what they are for Vat the intensity perturbations. From now on you a few hours a day will be dedicated ... counting kicks and blows, which will reward you fidget-kid. Be careful, they should not be less than 10 to 12 hours! An important study of the third trimester - cardiotocography (CTG). Using sensors attached to an expectant mom belly, the machine records all the movements of the child and monitor his heartbeat. Analyzing the data, the physician can judge the possible suffering it causes the baby, and the first of hypoxia (oxygen starvation). In the last three months of waiting for you and the last ultrasound. It is on the period of 30-32 weeks. The doctor examines the brain, internal organs. It will evaluate the state of the placenta (if premature aging crumb gets fewer nutrients and oxygen), and calculate the mass of the child. In anticipation of childbirth will examine you again in his chair, to determine that the cervix (is it a soft, whether disclosure). An experienced doctor can to the day to say when pipsqueak is born.

Show that scales?

Weight gain during pregnancy is conveniently calculated using the body mass index (BMI), which takes into account body fat. Body weight divided by the square of height in meters. A BMI of less than 19.8 is possible to gain weight from 12.5 to 18 kg, from 19.8 to 26 are allowed to dial up to 16.5 kg. A BMI greater than 26 allowable increase - 11.7 kg. Plumper in excess of? There is the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. However, pregnant women with a large excess weight can not lose weight, because it can be dangerous for the baby ...

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