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Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant

Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant

Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant

Using Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to Find out the Best Time of the Month to Get Pregnant

A rise in the temperature of your body can be utilised as a symptom of the best time to get pregnant. Following ovulation, your basal body temperature can increase by 0.5 to 1.6 degrees. You won't notice such a small difference in your temperature, but you can observe the difference by using a special glass fertility thermometer or a digital thermometer. Be careful that you always take your basal temperature from the same site e.g. the mouth to ensure consistency in your results. Your change in temperature is caused by increased manufacture of the progesterone hormone (brought on by ovulation). The best time to get pregnant is in the two or three days before your temperature reaches its high point. Somes experts indicate that you may have an additional 12 to 24 hour window of fertility after you first notice the temperature increase, but most say that by the time you register a temperature increase you have already passedpassed your fertile period. Charting your basal temperature for a few months can aid you in pinpoint the time that you ovulate. This allows you to plan having sex 2 to 3 days immediately leading up to ovulation to improve your opportunity for conceiving.

More physical signs and symptoms that let you know the most appropriate time of the month to conceive.Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant

There are many other visible changes that take place leading up to and during ovulation that provide further evidence that you can learn to recognise in your fertility cycle.

* Lower abdominal pain can be a sign of ovulation. About one-fifth of women actually feel ovulatory activity, which can range from mild aches to twinges of pain in the lower tummy. The condition, called Mittelschmerz, may last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. If you experience Mittelschmerz, your body has just ovulated and the next 12 hours are the best time to get pregnant.

* You may discern that you have an escalated sex drive around the time of ovulation.

* Professor Erik Odeblad from Sweden, in his research into signs of fertility, noticed that some women encounter the enlargement of a small lymph node in their groin during ovulation. Although not all women can find this lymph node, you can test for it by feeling in your groin during the days that your fertile mucus appears: the lymph node will feel like a pea-sized swelling on one side.

Keeping a detailed fertility calendar using a combination of these methods is a great way of knowing when the best time to get pregnant is for you.
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