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Beginner's Guide To Quilting - Some Basic Things To Learn

Beginner's Guide To Quilting - Some Basic Things To Learn

If you are amazed by the gorgeous patterns of quilt and you want to try your hands on it

, you can actually learn it pretty easily. With the right tools, a beginner's guide to quilting to and a great design, you can start making your own.

Quilts are made by attaching and sewing together patches and layers of fabric materials to make a large quilt. You can also add a batting to your quilt to make it more comfortable and warm especially if you are making a quilt for your bed.

To help you start with your quilting project, take a look on what tools you will need to make your quilting. You will need a good supply of needles of different sizes especially if you want to do hand quilting. If you are using a machine, make sure to have extra needles as well. You can also choose cotton or cotton-polyester for your thread.

You will also need a pair of scissors for fabrics or you can also get a rotary cutter, which makes cutting through layers easy. A cutting mat, a see-through ruler, flower-head or ball-head pins, template material and your design, of course.
Beginner's Guide To Quilting - Some Basic Things To Learn

You can also find your fabric in stores and you can actually find them in different colors and designs which makes it easier for you to make your own pattern. Cotton is easy to work with, but synthetic fibers may come in different colors you want, so the choice will up to you.

The main processes involved in quilting includes piecing or the sewing of the top layer of the quilt which are pieces of fabric set together to make up your design or pattern. You will also need to do layering and quilting which involves sewing together the layers of your quilt. Your stitch may also follow a decorative pattern that matches your design as well.

You can actually find some good beginner's guide to quilting that will lay out the detailed instruction on how to do these processes. Of course, you have to start from choosing your design, color and style. These considerations will also depend on where you will use your quilt. You can play with geometric shapes or design your own patterns. You can also choose to add embroidery or applique in your design. You can also find a lot of resources online where you can make your own pattern and get inspiration on making your own unique design.

After you have decided on your design and made your templates, you can then proceed to hand piecing or machine piecing. Although these are the main techniques to put your fabrics and designs together, you can also find a lot of other specific techniques on how to hand piece your design. Machine piecing your work also helps you make your quilting faster as well.

Learn also the ways to bind your quilt together at the edges. You can overlap the materials from the backing or from the top layer of the quilt or you can also put a binding on the edges and you can also choose to complement it with the color scheme of your quilt.

Even without someone to sit with you in your first quilting session, for as long as you have a good and comprehensive beginner's guide to quilting, you can actually find it easy to start with your new quilt.

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